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Guys for those who here has the 3DS NEW, NEW 3DS XL and has problems with the right analog stick (C-STICK) slipping, little sensitivity, even calibrating (to calibrate just close the console), not solve, I have a small solution, created video showing how to do the procedure. Basically, the procedure is simple, just remove the right part and left analog with some sharp thing or nail it, (it is screwed just up and down in a very soft rubber on the right and left to remove) take a piece of very small even paper, fold to turn a small dice, moisten a bit, put in the hole where box pin analog, then just put the rubber in place and press, then only test with a game (Majoras mask for example ). If no play, to test the Home menu. THEN FOLKS IS TO TIP, below is the video showing how to do in Portuguese and in English (including English bad).


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