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I'm looking to buy a 3DS, preferably one of the new models for the faster processing, better screen etc.

So I've seen on ebay, (used) 'new' 3ds xl's selling for about £110 (inc charger) and the standard new 3ds for about £100 inc charger.

The new 2ds xl would cost £130 and that includes the charger. I need the console before 7th august as im going on holiday so i'd like to get one for then.

I'm just looking for some advice on which console i should get, personally i like the xl screens but much prefer the design of the 2ds xl, 3d would be cool but its not important.

Also, does anybody know if the new 2ds has the loud hinge 'click' when opening and closing the lid that the 3ds xl does, i just find it generally annoying. And one more thing, will the new 2ds xl devalue quickly after the launch (with nintendo switch etc) just thinking about resale value.

Thanks for any help!



Personally I would buy a New 2ds XL. There's no guarantee that the 3ds XL from Ebay will be prefect because its used. Also you like the design better of the New 2ds XL and it does come with the charger so those are more reasons. You also don't seem you care about 3D so I think the New 2ds XL is the way to go. I don't think the price will go down that quickly at all, but maybe once the 3ds gets discontinued.


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Well, considering that you prefer XL screens, it's safe to discard the New 3DS. Now, since you said that the 3D effect isn't important, I think it's better for you to buy the New 2DS XL instead of the New 3DS XL. You should be getting it cheaper than it's 3D counterpart though, if not there's no point and you should buy the New 3DS XL.

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I love my new 2DS xl it has a click but I haven't found it an annoyance. I think it is not as loud as my 3ds xl. I never usually use the 3D too much and as such really enjoying my new 2DS. In fact it's made me pick up a bunch of games that I let sit in my collection just accruing dust. And the Switch stays at home at the moment.

All in all I reckon get the 2DS it's well worth it!

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Personal experience: I've owned a 3ds XL and a white New 3ds.

I liked the 3ds XL at first because of the bigger screen. I later wanted a New 3ds (normal or XL) mainly because I'm a retro nut and wanted earthbound on the go :3

I ended up getting a smaller New 3ds because I liked the idea of the faceplates and I wanted my system to fit in my pocket.

The New 2ds XL is pretty sweet looking and I do miss having those big screens. I definitely would take a New 2ds XL over a New 3ds XL.

I say, for anybody curious on which one to get, I say think about your preferences. If you like playing on a Gameboy back in the day because of how adorable and convenient they were: Look into a normal New 3ds (Smaller in general). It also gets a plus in my book because of the faceplate customizations.

If you don't care about the larger size and like bigger screens (for a more console experience), try any XL system (3ds or 2ds). If you like the novelty of 3d and it doesn't get on your nerves, you know which one to pick.

Also, if it's worth noting: diagonals on the dpad for the smaller New 3ds are a little more difficult to pull off compared to any other model (Not sure about the New 2ds XL only because I've never tried it).


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Lol, i actually ended up getting a regular 2ds (I know, i'm a cheapskate it was just so much cheaper than all the others but thanks for your help anyway


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