Topic: My Biggest Complaint with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX

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I downloaded this game as soon as it was actually released because I've been so excited for this. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is probably my favorite GBA game, so I got ridiculously hyped when the remake was announced. So far, it's been wonderful. I actually enjoy the Bowser's Minions side-game which I'm glad about since I was worried it would be boring and pointless. Almost everything has stayed so faithful to the original... almost. Aside from a few changes here and there, my biggest complaint would have to be what they did to the Bros system. You no longer manually switch the position of Mario & Luigi: instead, you just manually select the action you want to use. They added the ability to choose which action to use from the touch screen, but it really just feels tedious. I have to cycle through each action using L and R before finding the right one. I only have the hammer right now, but even with the few abilities I have, it's annoying. I wish they would have kept it the way it was in the original. Plus, I like having Luigi in front. Any thoughts on this?

(P.S. I'm sad that Luigi no longer bounces on Mario for the High Jump.)

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