Topic: Fallout 3 on 3DS???

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It's possible, but somewhat unlikely. Who developed that game anyways?

But at the same time, I'm sure they don't want to miss out on this- and we all know it may be some spin-off title of the Fallout games.



No, but from what I can tell it would be possible to make a Fallout-3-like game for the 3DS.

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I can never see fallout coming to a nintendo system. If you really wanna play it so much get an hd console. Anyway, what makes you think the 3ds is more powerful than the wii? They're not gonna start porting ps3 and 360 games to the 3ds so you can stop dreaming about that.



Definitely too big a game.

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It would be nice to have this "type" of game on the 3ds. The more genres and expandability the better.

To each his own.


Is it powerful enough? Almost certainly not. Doesn't mean they couldn't do a spin-off, though.

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