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Well, I wasn't able to find a thread about it and I want to feel special and I'm needy of attention so I created this.

Nah, being serious,I really want to discuss this game, and I'd really appreciate if someone can share your impressions about it. It seems heavily influenced by Ghosts N' Goblins so anyone familiar with that game shouldn't have a problem deciding if it's worth the purchase, but the problem is... I have never played one of those, just the Gargoyle's Quest and Demon's Crest games, which are spin-offs. Also, since again, there doesn't seem to be a thread, feel free to share hints and secrets or anything related with the game.

Thanks for participating!

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I'd really appreciate any opinion about the game guys, preferably if you played it on 3DS, however any experience with the game is welcome.

I enjoy games like Shovel Knight and Demon's Crest, however this game seems considerably more difficult. What do you think about it's replay value? What things do you like/dislike about this game or the Ghosts N' Goblin series? Are there any significant differences between this and that series?

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