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I just realized that my 2ds battery doesnt last as long as it used to - unsurprisingly.

Checking on the internet it seems you can no longer buy original nintendo batteries in Europe.

Anyone ever send in a ds system to nintendo for battery exchange? How long did it take? How much did it cost?

Anyone ever tried third party batteries? - What about their quality? Can they destroy the system?

What kind of third party batteries would you recommend?



I could use advice on this myself. The fourth bar on my New 3DS's battery meter has gone unused for the last couple weeks. I had a look on Amazon and found some third party batteries but none of them quite match the specs of the original so I dunno about that. Must it be hard to buy the same thing I already have?

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The battery on my 2DS is also on its way out. The charge won't last even one hour, it goes from fully charged to red in minutes.

I ordered a cheap battery off ebay, it should be here in a month or two (it comes from Hong Kong). I'm not sure of their quality, but hey as long as the charge lasts a few hours and it doesn't explode in my hands, I'll be happy.

About specs, as long as the voltage output and size are the correct ones it should be fine. A larger capacity is good.

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