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Hello all,
I need some animal crossing help, I'd like to get back into one but the problem is it may be that I don't play it for months then come back, or a week say.
I wondered if anyone knew if there was a way to pay for weeding as it may ruin it if I'm spending an odd hour I have spare weeding all the time.
I'm up for any version that's portable




Try to ask Leif at Supermarket / Florist shop.

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Yes appears so! I will test at some point. Leif runs a weeding service after a certain point.
I'm assuming that'ss only new leaf and maybe will be in new horizons.
Thank you!



You could also switch to the beauty ordinance before extended periods of inactivity.

That one prevents weeds from sprouting.


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Ah brilliant OK new leaf amiibo it is, I wanted to get back into ac, maybe amiibo festival too...


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