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@Tyranexx Absolutely. It was my favorite 3DS game back when it came out. The later levels are brutal. I got close to 100% but the last few were so hard that I eventually gave up.


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Is Kingdom Hearts 3DS hard? I tried the demo, and that flying dash mechanic seems really squirrelly & tough to control or use. Also, I've never played a Kingdom Hearts game. Edit: this Kingdom Hearts 3D is gorgeous looking & charming, though.

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I bought Kingdom Hearts 3DS since November 2013 but never finished.
Stuck in Traverse Town, have no idea to continue and those Blitz movements were too complicated. ūüė©
I stopped play KH 3DS since then but i still keep the game, just in case.

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@Dogorilla, @Late I do like puzzle games when in the right mindset, and I really am intrigued by the game's mechanics. The mentioned difficulty with some later puzzles makes me think I won't be 100%ing the least not right away lol. I don't recall why I passed it up back then....I was in college at the time, so it might've been my cash situation.

Thanks for the feedback! The more I read/watch about it, the more I like. I think I will be redeeming this discount. Can't complain about losing 50 platinum coins! (They usually expire anyway)

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