Topic: 3DS R Button Ain't workin. Can I use a Circle Pad Pro instead?

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HADAA wrote:

It so happens that I asked Nintendo for the same information the other day. The following applies to North America, as I don't know where you live.
First of all if you already registered your system on Club Nintendo, you get an extra 3-month extended warranty which brings your expiration date to June 25, give or take. You can call 1-800-255-3700 (6am-7pm PT everyday) to set up repair, but try not to stress the fact that you've been smashing your R button like crazy. (It'll cost 95 USD plus tax, or 65 USD if you have a club nintendo account out of warranty). Just firmly state that it's not working even under normal use and you may be able to get it fixed or exchanged under warranty.

Thanks I completely forgot about the extended warranty. Great thing I registered my 3DS. I'm going to call tomorrow. If I can get it fixed for free that would be great.


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