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Hello, I would like to know if there is a retailer that has 3ds hardware cuz I really wanna buy one but I cant find one selling it. There is a website called gamerzlounge which sells some at a pretty good price but it has NONE in stock so if u know some place selling it for a good price plz tell me



@RamaTonn salam, i find it hard to believe 3ds is no way to be found in egypte, i own every console (proudly a Nintendo Switch now) as soon as they are released worldwide from local stores, as far as Tunisia (where I'm from) it's everywhere, shops or second hand from facebook gaming groups, and at crazy low prices too from the very first model to the last ones including rare limited editions.
I recommend you to look for egyptian nintendo groups in facebook or gaming groups and surely you'll find people who buy and sell games and consoles, also check local shopping websites or google for gaming shops in egypte.
Best of luck

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