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I'm still kinda new to the whole 2DS thing, and I'm looking to upgrade to the 2DS XL soon. With that, I currently have a 32GB SD Card with my original 2DS with all my games and saves. When I transfer my stuff over on the 2DS XL with a 32GB Micro SD Card - do I need to switch any SD cards out at all? I've seen numerous tutorials that when you are done with one SD card you switch it from the old one to the new one - but they are different sizes with SD and Micro SD. Can anybody help me? or am I just looking at wrong tutorials that have nothing to do with this?

If it's unclear, basically I have this:

and I'm going to this:

Are these steps right to use for wireless transfer still? -

Thanks for the help!

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No you don't need to, but it's faster and easier if you copy the contents of your SD card to your new microSD card on your computer, put the microSD card in the New 2DS XL and then start the transfer process.


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