StreetPass was fantastic — StreetPass is fantastic — and last year our intrepid video producer Zion Grassl went on a personal quest to see how many tags he could get for the glorious little inter-console app...

At the start of 2023, I had a real longing for the days of the 3DS. Partially due to the fact the 3DS and Wii U eShop would be going down that year, but also because I had almost entirely failed to find any random StreetPass tags in the year prior. What once was such a common activity that I didn’t think much of, was now made a rare and celebratory experience. Sometimes ya just don’t know what ya got till it’s gone, right?

In 2022, I took my 2DS with me to PAX West, GDC, and a few other events in hopes of getting a good chunk of StreetPass tags, but turned up with few results. So in 2023, I wanted to give it a more solid attempt, I wanted to do everything I could to bring this comfy, cozy application back for myself and for the masses.

So I promised the internet I’d take this squeaky clean orange and white New 2DS XL with me everywhere I went, but I couldn’t do it alone.

Since StreetPass only works when two users come in close contact with one another, I’d need the help of other 2DS and 3DS owners to take theirs out and about too. This meant that every outing was a potential StreetPass opportunity! Times Square in New York City? A Taylor Swift concert? Sure! Gaming conventions? Game shops? You bet! Black Friday shopping madness? Grocery store visits? Why not! To truly make the most of this, I had to give it my everything.

After a year of taking more pictures of my Orange/White New 2DS XL than pictures of my partner, I've finally cooked up a massive video documenting the entire journey.

But where would I have the most success with StreetPass? Where would I be surprised and where would I be left out in the cold? How many StreetPass tags could I amass in an entire year? Could I complete all of the puzzles in Puzzle Swap and take down all the bosses in Find Mii/StreetPass Quest? Would my 2DS even survive this journey?

I really had no clue what I was signing up for when I told myself, "This was a good idea." Keeping my system packed and charged with a full battery sure made for a challenge in itself, but I did my best to cover the highs and lows so you too could have a better shot at finding a StreetPass tag of your own in the future.

New 2DS XL
Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

So after months of sifting through footage, cutting it all together, and polishing it with the finest digital sandpaper I could find, I’m finally ready to share with you all of the answers and more above. I know an hour and a half is a lot of time to ask of anyone, but I really think you'll enjoy the ride.

Did you take your 2DS or 3DS out and about last year? If so, did you have any luck finding a tag? Share your StreetPass journey down below!