Pokémon Nintendo Consoles
Image: Nintendo Life

Back in January, we ran down every Zelda-themed Nintendo console out there in an attempt to find which one you lovely lot thought was the best. There were a lot of these Hylian designs, with the series clearly standing as one of Nintendo's most popular choices in the special edition design room, but these are dwarfed in number by the Pokémon designs, which require a Pokédex-length list all of their own.

Ok, that might be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but the point stands that throughout the history of Nintendo's special edition console releases, there have been a lot of Pokémon designs.

Just like we did with Zelda (and indeed with every special edition Switch), we have assembled a comprehensive list of every Pokémon-themed Nintendo console for you to take a look through below. There's then a little poll at the end for you to fill out, if you want, letting us know which one your favourite is.

Have a gander at all of the following and then get ready to say "I choose you" to one of them...

Every Pokémon-themed Nintendo console

Before we set off on this Pokémon (console) journey, it is worth pointing out which editions you are not going to spot along the way.

There were a number of Poké consoles released as region exclusives, so many in fact that we have removed any consoles which were also store-specific in a single region — this level of ultra exclusivity means that there are not all that many out there.

So, the likes of the SE Game Boy Light, the Pokémon Third Anniversary Game Boy Colour, the Latios and Latias, Celebi and Suicuna GBAs and a lot of those Gen III GBA SPs are excluded from the ranking. So too are membership-only releases like the Daisuki Club DS Lites and those awarded only in competitions like the Worlds 2010 Edition DSi. We'd like to thank Bulbapedia for outlining many of the available (and, indeed, unavailable) consoles prior to us putting this list together.

You can rest assured that there is still a lot left on the table, many of which you might have even seen in the flesh!

Nintendo 64

Pikachu N64 (Blue, Light Blue, Orange)

Nintendo 64 Pokémon
Image: Gemma Smith / Nintendo Life

Nintendo's first batch of Pokémon-themed consoles was as series-specific as you could get. The phrase "everything and the kitchen sink" comes to mind with these ones and it's all rooted in the OG blue model shown above. The colours are bright, the controller proudly brandishes the Pokémon logo, and yep, that Pikachu is just as 3D as we remember it — with light-up cheeks, too. A prime example of throwing ideas at the design board, where each and every one sticks.

The Light(er) Blue model and launched only in Japan and, as the name suggests, is much like its standard blue brother only with a little bit more 'light' going on. It means that the contrast to the giant three-dimensional Pikachu is not quite as harsh on the eyes, but let's not pretend that it covers any of the design's sins.

And there's also an orange version. Orange can look sleek in moderation (we're thinking of that spicy GameCube), although the jury's out on this particular Japan-only design.

Pokémaniac N64

It's still all about the primary Pokémon colours of royal blue and yellow, but without the brashness of the huge Pikachu model. We would say that this is probably the most low-key of all of the N64 special editions, and that's saying something when you consider the fact that this is covered in Pokémon images and has a bright yellow controller to boot.

Game Boy Color

Pokémon Yellow Version Edition

Now, these might be some of the most iconic Pokémon-themed special editions out there. This one, released in a bundle with Pokémon Yellow, has images of Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Togepi dotted around your screen and even uses a Poké Ball as a power indicator. Come on, that's some neat design!

Pikachu and Pichu Edition

GBC Pokémon
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Much like the former version only with fewer Pokémon images to show for it. As the name suggests, this model only has Pikachu and Pichu around its screen, though it makes up for this decrease by having the power light sit nicely inside Pikachu's right cheek.

Pokémon Gold and Silver Edition

Ok, now this is really something special. Apart from being linked to the game of the same title, the 'Gold and Silver' of this design's name also refers to how the colour of the console changes based on which angle you are looking at it from. Now that's science (or just basic lighting, if you want to be picky).

Clear Green Pokémon Edition

Released in Taiwan only, this model opts for the transparent plastic casing that many a retro game fan will drool over and keeps up the trend of little 'mon images around the screen, this time showing Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Meowth.

Clear Blue Pokémon Edition

This was sold uniquely in Hong Kong and would be nearly identical to the Taiwan release were it not for the change from a transparent green casing to a transparent blue one. Mmmm, internal wires...

The video above shows a custom-made version of the original and has us wondering if we have enough GBCs in the cupboard. Surely that's not possible! *heads to eBay*


Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness Edition

This one only made an appearance in Japanese and American markets, but you have to respect the whole "Pokémon, but make it metal" approach to the design. This subs out the bright in-yo-face colours of the previous models for a sports car silver shine and it even has an image of Shadow Lugia on the lid plate as standard.

Game Boy Advance SP

Pikachu Edition

A quick look at all of the Pokémon-themed GBAs out there (and trust us, there are many) might have you think that they only released in Japanese Pokémon Centers and therefore need to be excluded from this list.

However, this Pikachu Edition managed to slip through the cracks as it also went on to be released in Toys 'R' Us stores in the US. As TheRelaxingEnd's above video shows, it's another prime example of throwing subtlety to the wind and making a design as unashamedly Poké-themed as it could be. Nobody is going to look at that giant Pikachu face on the cover and say to the owner "so, do you like Mario then?"

Game Boy Micro

Pikachu Edition

This itsy-bitsy Game Boy was released alongside Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team in Japan. With that decreased amount of space to work with, the design was always going to have to be a little more toned down than some of the others out there. But hey, they still managed to sneak in a little Pikachu silhouette above the A and B buttons as pokeboy14's above unboxing shows.

Nintendo DS

PokéPark Edition

But wait a second Nintendo Life! Wasn't the PokéPark chunky DS released exclusively in Japan's PokéPark? What's it doing on this list?

Worry not, dear reader, this special edition later got a release in the US thanks to a Walmart deal, so you can rest assured that it was made slightly more available.

The original DS might not be the most aesthetically-pleasing shape to work with, but this design makes the best of what it's got. It opts for the metallic blue casing (one we're sure many a GBA SP owner will recognise) and proudly displays the PokéPark logo on the lid with a sneaky little Pikachu on the interior.

Mew Edition

This pink model was also released exclusively in Japan which we understand because we can't help but think that this thing would have flown off the shelves if it was available worldwide.

It still has to deal with the OG DS' clunkiness, but the pink casing also brandishes the first Mew to have taken centre stage on a console (albeit in a rather faint manner). There's one on the lid and one on the inside, and we all know how much we would dream of having two Mews in our party...

Nintendo DS Lite

Pikachu Edition

One of the few Pokémon-themed DS Lites to be made readily available to those outside of Daisuki Club members, even this Pikachu model was originally only obtainable via a lottery at Japanese Pokémon Centers.

Fortunately, it later released in Europe too, bringing all of the subtlety of a tiny Pikachu in the corner to the very much non-subtle bright yellow casing.

Dialga and Palkia Edition

Pokémon DS Lite
Image: Nintendo

Now, this was a Pokémon Center exclusive, but unlike the others that we have excluded from this list, the Dialga and Palkia design was available in both Japanese and US stores. So yes, it's bending the rules a little, but it was definitely easier to get hold of than some.

Much like a particular Diamond and Pearl-themed console that we will get to later, this sleek model opts for the glossy black of the standard DS Lite with gold and silver detailing on the outer casing showing the Gen IV legendaries. Ooh, how suave.

Nintendo DSi

Pokémon Black Edition

Pokémon DSi
Image: Nintendo

Can you guess which game this one was bundled with? That's right, Pokémon Diamo- no, no, no, it came with Pokémon Black, of course.

This lacks the gold and silver sheen of the former DS Lite model, but there's something about that matt finish and comparatively subtle Reshiram and Zekrom image on the top that has us really liking this one. Let's not even get started on that sexy gold lettering along the bottom.

It might not scream your love for Pokémon quite as much as something that's bright blue and covered in images of Pikachu, but it would certainly be easier to sit and play in front of a bunch of Digimon fans.

Pokémon White Edition

Pokémon DSi
Image: Nintendo

It's the same as the Pokémon Black edition, only white! What a concept!

We're at the halfway point and there's still plenty more to come! Click on the next page for more Pokémon-themed console goodness...