Metroid Prime Remastered
Image: Nintendo

We are sure that many of you lovely lot have spent the weekend Morph Ballin' and we can't say that we blame you! After last week's Nintendo Direct finally brought us news of Metroid Prime Remastered we couldn't believe our luck; but when it dropped on the very same day we had to check if we were dreaming!

Even more so was this the case when we instantly started playing it only to discover that it was good — really good. You might have caught our review of the game by now for which we awarded it a perfect 10/10 rating and stated that "a masterpiece has been made even better". You can catch up on our thoughts in full below.

We can gush over the game as much as we please, but we'd really like to know what all of you think. Whether you have just stepped foot onto the Tallon Overworld or already find yourself deep in the Phazon Mines, you can now make your voice heard. Give the game a 1-10 rating in the following poll to see how your views match up against everyone else's.

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