Fire Emblem Engage Alear Male Female Official Art
Image: Nintendo

We're sure a lot of you lovely readers have been engaging with a certain strategy RPG over the weekend. Yep, we're talking about Fire Emblem Engage, which launched on Switch last Friday.

Okay, so this is a huge 40-50 hour game and we're not expecting you all to have blasted through the entire thing over the past few days, but we do really want to know what you think about Alear's adventure so far, which sees multiple Fire Emblem protagonists of past return in summonable 'Emblem' forms.

You already know how we feel about Engage — we think this combat-focused entry is pretty excellent and gave it a 9/10 in our review:

So, now it's your turn to tip the scales and tell us your thoughts and share your impressions on Fire Emblem Engage! Whether you're five hours or 25 hours in, your thoughts and scores are important to us. Just make sure you keep any discussions about the game spoiler free for those who aren't too far in.

Engage with our poll below and give the game a score between 1 and 10 — and don't forget, you can always change your mind later on if you fall in (or out) of love with it more later down the line.

What score would you give Fire Emblem Engage (Switch)?

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