Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp
Image: Nintendo

We had to wait a while for this one, and we don't just mean due to the 'global events' (also known as the Russian invasion of Ukraine) that caused Nintendo to delay Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp for a year.

Nope, ever since Fire Emblem took off in the West, the Advance Wars series has taken a back seat to turn-based tactical battling of the fantasy kind involving more swords — lots more swords — than more modern artillery.

However, with this remake from the talented folks over at WayForward, Nintendo's long-neglected strategic warfare series has made a stylish comeback. Our glowing 9/10 review noted how wonderful it was to have this pair of turn-based classics back in such fine form on Nintendo's current console.

Critical reaction has been very positive in the main — possibly more so amongst series stalwarts (like us) who are overjoyed to see Advance Wars deployed once more. But what do you think? Feel free to let us know in the poll below.

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