Now that we're swiftly approaching the one-year anniversary of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we suspect that many of you have likely completed the game at this stage. Even if you haven't yet and are still mopping up those remaining Korok Seeds, it's probably reasonable to assume that you've experienced enough of the game to conclude how it stacks up nexts to its predecessor, Breath of the Wild.

Take our lovely video Producer, Felix, for instance. In his latest video, he expresses how he much prefers Breath of the Wild to Tears of the Kingdom after having experienced both games. He goes into a good deal of detail about why this is the case, so we'd encourage you to watch the whole thing to fully understand his reasoning. That said, we gave both games a score of 10/10 here on Nintendo Life, and we absolutely adore them for different reasons.

In fact, we've previously gone on record to demonstrate several ways in which Tears of the Kingdom improves upon Breath of the Wild, but does that necessarily mean it's a better game overall? Hmm...

We all have our preferences, of course. So we'd love to know yours. Which open world Zelda game do you prefer? Are you partial to the purity that Breath of the Wild offers, or are you more inclined to enjoy the expanded freedom and expermentation found in Tears of the Kindom? Let us know your thoughts by filling in our poll, and please do expound with a comment down below too.

Do you prefer Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Tears of the Kingdom? (12,470 votes)

  1. Breath of the Wild all the way41%
  2. Tears of the Kingdom stole my heart31%
  3. I love them both equally20%
  4. I haven't played them enough to judge8%