Cozy Grove (Switch eShop)

Cozy Grove (Switch eShop)Cozy Grove (Switch eShop)
Publisher: The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild / Developer: Spry Fox
Release Date: 8th Apr 2021 (USA) / 8th Apr 2021 (UK/EU)

Cozy Grove is an indie life sim game set in real-time. While reminiscent of Animal Crossing, it has many differences that many players have found uniquely enjoyable.

Unlike Animal Crossing, Cozy Grove is very story-driven and has several narrative webs intertwined around a central plot. The story is driven around helping your new “neighbears” who each have their own unique narrative and questline. You're limited in how much progression you can make per day, and while some may find this limiting, it’s really good if you're prone to getting lost in a game after only intending to play for five minutes. The mobile-like progress cap makes Cozy Grove perfect for picking up for a few minutes to complete the daily quests and moving onto something else — great for when you don’t have much gaming time in the day but want to feel you are making progress.

Besides quests, Cozy Grove many different types of collectables: bugs called the Herald of Extinction, or fish called Herring of Immense Girth, as well as providing plenty of clothing and decoration options. The New Neighbears DLC introduced the option to dye your decorations, too. It must be noted that the respawn rates of some collectables can also slow progress, as fruit, for example, can take days to reappear.

As Cozy Grove is story-driven there is a lot of text to read, and it can be very small. There are no options to adjust the text size and there is no narration. Another big aspect of Cozy Grove is the use of colour and its absence. Between days, colour is removed from certain areas until quests are completed. This can make things difficult to tell apart at times, although one of the early characters offers a hint system to help you locate quest items on the floor with a coloured marker. As you progress through the story you also gain the ability to keep more areas coloured for easier navigation.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat (Switch)

Overcooked! All You Can Eat (Switch)Overcooked! All You Can Eat (Switch)
Publisher: Team17 / Developer: Ghost Town Games
Release Date: 23rd Mar 2021 (USA) / 23rd Mar 2021 (UK/EU)

Overcooked is a chaotic multiplayer game provoking lots of fun and plenty of arguments about who is on washing-up duty and who ran off with the nori. The aim of the game is to complete the various steps it takes to prepare dishes and serve enough of the correct dishes within a time limit, all while dodging obstacles and teammates alike. The All You Can Eat edition of the game contains all previously released content from both Overcooked and Overcooked 2, as well some exclusive levels and a host of accessibility features not present in older versions.

A lot of games like this don’t tend to have much in terms of accessibility, but Overcooked breaks the mould here. In fact, Overcooked is the only Switch game we're aware of that allows for use of the specially designed dyslexia font (although please let us know in the comments if you know of others). Text size can also be increased and screen area can be adjusted, unlike in previous versions where the gameplay area could be tricky to see.

There is also now an assist mode featuring longer timers and the ability to turn off order expiration. These features make gameplay feel a lot less of a panicked rush while keeping the core chaotic gameplay intact with a still-satisfying level of difficulty.

While the game has always had lots of chef designs to choose from, it can sometimes be tricky to tell some chefs apart — the All You Can Eat version has markers around the chef that are not only different colours but also different shapes (circles and squares, for example) so colourblind players can differentiate between chefs.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising (Switch)

Immortals Fenyx Rising (Switch)Immortals Fenyx Rising (Switch)
Publisher: Ubisoft / Developer: Ubisoft Quebec
Release Date: 3rd Dec 2020 (USA) / 3rd Dec 2020 (UK/EU)

Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open-world adventure action game set in the era of the Greek gods. There are seven distinct exploration zones on the map with around 60 puzzle dungeon zones called Vaults of Tartarus, plus various challenges around the map.

There are five challenge types; Lyre, Fresco, Constellation, Navigation, and Odysseus challenges. Navigation and Odysseus challenges require motor skill and accuracy to be able to complete, with some of these being easier than others. The combat system uses three weapons types, a sword for fast-light hits, an axe for slow-heavy hits, and a bow and arrow for ranged attacks.

Immortals Fenyx Rising has a large suite of accessibility features and adjustable variables. There are several filters to aid colourblind players, including filter intensity adjustments. There is also complete control mapping customisation and adjustment of how specific skills are activated, including if you need to hold the button down or toggle (in)active states. Aim assists to help with the use of the bow can also be activated.

Subtitles feature a selection of extra options including size, an indication of who is speaking, and a contrasting background to make for easier reading. You're also able to customise the HUD display so distracting/unnecessary information can be turned off as needed. There are also a few pre-set difficulty levels to choose from which can be switched during gameplay.

All of these features help make this Immortals Fenyx Rising accessible to many players, although it is worth noting that some aspects of the game may still be very difficult for players with motor control disabilities, most notably the navigation challenges and use of the bow and arrow. The ability to speed up, slow down and adjust the length of time the arrow skill can be used for can make these vault and Odysseus challenges easier to manage. However, there is no real method to help with completing Navigation challenges, and in order to increase or slow down arrow speed, points need to be spent in the arrow skill tree.

This game also carries a warning for those with light sensitivity seizure disorders, as it features lightning flashes at times but also the loading screen while transitioning in and out of the vaults of Tartarus has a flashing blue swirly background that may affect some.

We hope the information above proves useful, and we're very much aware that seven games out of Switch's library of thousands doesn't make much of a dent! We're eager to hear your suggestions, so please let us know below which other Switch games you'd like to hear about with specific regards to their accessibility features.