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  • Random This Ace Attorney "Class Trial" Cosplay Is Spot On

    No objections here

    Ace Attorney fans will hopefully remember the heartwarming story of how prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, defense attorney Phoenix Wright, and loveable idiot Larry Butz all became friends. It began with a simple crime in a classroom, for which Wright was blamed, and which Edgeworth acted as his lil baby defense attorney; it ended with...

Thursday6th May 2021

  • Random This Guy Makes Incredible, Wearable 16-Bit Cosplay

    Flat-pack cosplay

    Cosplayers are basically wizards. Sometimes, they are also literal wizards, when they dress up like Gandalf the White or Dumbledore, but we mean in terms of their creative skills — sewing, sculpting, and sometimes even electronics are all part of making a detailed, true-to-life cosplay of a beloved character. Here at Nintendo...

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Monday24th Sep 2018

  • Gallery The Best Cosplay From The Tokyo Game Show 2018

    Mario! Link! Toad?!

    As is often the case at Japan's premier gaming showcase, this year's Tokyo Game Show had some great cosplay from a variety of Nintendo (and non-Nintendo) franchises. All of the big names were represented, including some of the company's most famous faces - and a few cult favourites, of course. Here is some of the best cosplay...

Monday25th Jun 2018

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  • Gallery Cosplay At The Tokyo Game Show 2017

    Bayonetta! Link! Mario! Tingle!

    The Tokyo Game Show isn't just home to all the latest and greatest video games - like pretty much any gaming event these days, it also attracts hordes of cosplayers dressed as their favourite video game characters. This year's event has seen a bumper turn-out of Links, Marios, Princess Peaches and even Tingles, and...

Monday3rd Jul 2017

  • News This Colourful ARMS Cosplay Will Knock You Out

    It's just a bit of 'armless fun

    We love a bit of cosplay here at Nintendo Life, but we must admit to getting a little jaded about everyone dressing up like Link and Samus all the time.  Enter Reddit user spiggledog who has perfected three ARMS themed cosplay outfits along with his buddies. It's great to see some colourful cosplay on...

Wednesday10th May 2017

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Sunday17th Jul 2016

  • Gallery A Look At HYPER JAPAN 2016

    Nintendo out in full force

    HYPER JAPAN is a wonderful cultural festival that celebrates everything Japanese, and returned to Olympia in London, UK for its three day summer showcase this past weekend. We've been to the show a couple of times before but this was our first time visiting the Olympia West Hall. Nintendo had a host of activities

Friday16th Oct 2015

Friday24th Jul 2015

  • Weirdness Here's What An All-Human Star Fox Team Looks Like

    Don't worry, Slippy's here!

    We've seen some cool cosplay ourselves recently, but nothing prepared us for the awesomeness of seeing the Star Fox team reimagined in human form. The cosplayers known as York In A Box have been busy barrel rolling ahead of the release of Star Fox Zero on Wii U. In the photos below you can see Chri

Thursday23rd Jul 2015

  • Gallery Nintendo Cosplay July Round-Up

    Dressed to impress at Hyper Japan and Comic Con London

    In the first of what we hope to be a regular series of features devoted to the wild and wacky world of cosplay, Erica Jones brings us a selection of snaps showcasing the most notable Nintendo-related efforts of the month. July has been a great month for Nintendo costumes. Hyper Japan and London...

Wednesday1st Apr 2015

  • Video Marvel At The Insane Dedication Of These Legend Of Zelda Cosplayers

    Who wants to be Tingle?

    The Legend of Zelda is a pretty big deal for Nintendo fans. The series is packed with amazing games and memorable characters, and it's little wonder that whenever cosplay events take place, a large proportion of attendees choose to dress up as famous faces from the franchise. If you need any more evidence of this, feast your...

Monday12th Jan 2015

Friday25th Oct 2013

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  • Ninterview Cosplayer Regina "RikkuGrape" Marie

    We speak to a seriously talented Zelda cosplayer

    It's been a while since we ran a Ninterview, but we're back with our first of 2013. This time, we're speaking to cosplayer Regina Marie, better known as RikkuGrape. She's dressed up as a wide variety of different characters, but we're most interested in her amazing replications of individuals from The...

Monday9th Jul 2012

  • News Metroid Fan Film is Light on Action, Heavy on Chat


    We've seen some great Nintendo fan films over the years; films that made us think "if only". This short film, Metroid: Encounter at Ceres Colony, wants to be next. As the name suggests, the short takes Super Metroid as its inspiration but mixes in some elements from the Metroid Prime Trilogy too. Serious Samus fans will also enjoy other...

Monday2nd Aug 2010

  • News Link and Ganondorf Combine to Win World Cosplay Championship

    Not sure where this fits in the Zelda timeline, though

    We love people who dress up as Nintendo characters, and we love them even more when they get up on stage in Japan to have a pretend fight in the final of the World Cosplay Championships. Our love for this video cannot be put into words. Taking place in Nagoya, the Italian team of Link, Luca...

Friday15th May 2009

  • NSFW Zelda, Peach and Samus Shed Clothing In The Name Of Art

    Every Nintendo fan's dream, or nightmare?

    Sex is used to sell an awful lot of things these days, and video games are no exception. However, LA burlesque club Bordello's recent night of video game-themed stripping strikes us as a little bad taste. And we have low standards to begin with! Lucky punters were given the chance to see such highly...

Thursday12th Mar 2009

  • News Samus Cosplay Costume Kicks Incomprehensible Amounts of Ass

    Check out the real life Samus in action

    Here at Nintendo Life we’re not that geeky that we spend all of our spare time scowering the net for photos of ladies in videogame themed cosplay costumes, but when something as awesome as this catches our eye it would be remiss of us not to mention it. The lady in this lovely Samus Aran space suit is none...