• Guide LEGO Animal Crossing: Which Is The Best Set?

    Worth a Nook?

    Lego's range of Animal Crossing-themed playsets sees the Danish toy company join forces with Nintendo once more, with a series of Lego sets designed to be connected and reconfigured in a way that recalls the creative terraforming of your deserted island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch. In this guide, we'll take a brief...

  • Guide LEGO Animal Crossing: Minifigure List

    Go minifigure

    Lego's Animal Crossing sets each contain at least one character from Nintendo's relaxing life-sim series in minifigure form, and we have to say they're amongst the most adorable we've ever seen in all our years of clicking together Danish plastic. Featuring a host of characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch, we wouldn't...


  • News LEGO Reveals New Donkey Kong Adventure Playsets

    Swinging into stores this August

    After being teased earlier on this week, we have now got our first proper look at four new Donkey Kong LEGO adventure playsets which provide another expansion to the LEGO Super Mario collection. The sets each contain one or two famous members of the Kong family, and have various interactive components to be used...


  • News Here's How The 14-Foot Tall LEGO Bowser Was Built

    King Koopa-sized

    San Diego Comic Con had a pretty monstrous-sized Koopa built all out of LEGO bricks to deal with back in July. We were stunned by this 14-foot tall LEGO Bowser back when it was first shown off, and now LEGO has decided to share some behind-the-scenes footage of just how dear Bowser was put together. Using the 2,807-piece Bow