• News Elliot Quest Begins Its Switch Adventure This Week

    PlayEveryWare's impressive title gets another chance

    Elliot Quest opts for a simple look, but underneath that exterior is a rather accomplished adventure game. It was an impressive indication of what could be achieved through HTML5 technology on the Wii U eShop, before it was then ported to C++ (not Unity as we initially stated) and released on...




  • News Elliot Quest For Wii U To Get Free Content Update

    Miiverse features and additional content

    We really liked 8-bit style RPG platformer Elliot Quest when we took it for a spin in our review. Anyone looking for a challenging, satisfying action adventure should give this game a look; it's also great showcase for what HTML5 can do. The developers at PlayEveryWare aren't finished with Elliot Quest,...


  • News Elliot Quest Patch Fixes Bugs and Graveyard Glitch

    Version 1.2.2, for the record

    Elliot Quest is an indie RPG on the Wii U that was heavily pushed by Nintendo ahead of release, which is hardly surprising due to its retro-style visuals and design. It's also a solid advertisement for the occasionally maligned Nintendo Web Framework, too. At launch it did have some shortcomings, though to the credit...