• Review Gunhouse (Switch eShop)

    Block and load

    They say that one's home is his castle, and Gunhouse from Necrosoft Games puts you front and centre to defend yours. Part sliding block puzzle game, part tower defence, the two radically different gameplay styles come together to produce a radical experience. Although mobile ports are becoming more prominent on Switch, and matching...


  • Review Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition (New 3DS)

    Forever alone

    One refrain we often hear from fans pertains to why a Nintendo fan would want to carry two separate Nintendo devices with them wherever they go. For us, the answer has often been simple: the 3DS offers games that the Switch does not and vice-versa. Each system has unique features that enable different kinds of gameplay. Minecraft: New...


  • Review Puffins: Let's Race! (DSiWare)

    Watch out for that treeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Parsing the retail release Puffins: Island Adventure and putting the bits on DSiWare has proven to be a mixed bag so far. The first time around brought the underwhelming and frustratingly controlled Let's Roll!, and follow-up Let's Fish! turned out to be slightly better. So is the third time the charm? In short,...


  • Review Puffins: Let's Fish! (DSiWare)

    Hungry hungry birdies

    After a dreary first outing on DSiWare in the form of Puffins: Let's Roll!, Other Ocean has brought back the birds for more fish-chomping. Like Roll, Fish is pulled from the 2009 retail minigame compilation Puffins: Island Adventure. Let's Fish! is a maze game where you have to steer your little birdie around the depths of the...


  • Review Puffins: Let's Roll (DSiWare)

    Let's not

    It's kind of a bummer when games come out with controls that just don't fit the platform. This wasn't much of a problem a mere generation ago, but with the plethora of options today ranging from button to motion and touch it's become more prevalent an issue. Other Ocean, behind the excellent Dark Void Zero, has fallen into this very trap...


  • Review Dark Void Zero (DSiWare)

    More 8-bit retro goodness

    We've already seen Capcom enjoy success on WiiWare with their retro-infused Mega Man 9 release. Now it seems they're trying to show DSiWare the same retro love with Dark Void Zero. Of course now the question is, does the game live up to the lofty standards the company has already put in place with Mega Man 9? Dark Void Zero...