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    Review WarioWare Gold

    The golden touch

    After five years, a new WarioWare is finally upon us. Well, mostly new, anyway. Warioware Gold is a mashup of some of the best microgames the series has had to offer, along with a few new ones. Most 'best of' collections include a creator's hits; those tracks you can't help but play over and over, despite knowing every single...

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    Review Go Vacation

    Long haul flight

    Everything from Go Vacation’s appearance, style, gameplay, and pure existence hark back to those strangely repetitive days of the Wii, where everyone and their cat was releasing a party-type sports game for Nintendo’s remote-waggling sensation. There’s good reason for that, too, as the game is an HD port of the original Go...

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    Review Arcade Archives Sky Skipper

    A forgotten gem?

    Since getting into the video game business Nintendo has produced many fondly regarded games, which have often lead to sequels. Even when a series is dormant, older entries have re-appeared either in updated form or via the various Virtual Console services. Then there’s Sky Skipper. Briefly hitting arcades in 1981, this hi-score...

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    Review Octopath Traveler

    A direct path to RPG bliss

    The Bravely Default games on the 3DS did a fantastic job of resurrecting the gameplay and feel of some of Square’s oldest games, employing a style that stayed true to genre roots while making modern changes wherever needed. When it was announced that the Bravely team would be tackling a new RPG on the Switch, fans were...

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    Review Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

    So, you CAN teach an old dog U tricks

    The Switch version of Captain Toad is a no-brainer. Given that Nintendo’s latest home console (of sorts) is massively more popular than the Wii U was, it’s only logical that Captain Toad would be the latest in a long line of ports aimed at giving some of the Wii U’s brilliant library a second chance at...

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    Review Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

    Hidden gem

    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was a real hidden gem of the Wii U era, which is amazing when you consider that it was almost created by accident. The original concept for Captain Toad existed inside Super Mario 3D World, which featured a few minigame-like levels in which you had to help Captain Toad navigate a bunch of tiny cube-shaped...


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    Review Mario Tennis Aces

    Super Grand Slam Brothers

    Bereft of feature content though it was, the Wii U’s Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash delivered addictively enjoyable core gameplay, for as long as its online servers remained populated. Its measly offline attractions and lack of court and character variety proved its critical undoing, but developer Camelot Software – makers...

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    Review Arcade Archives Donkey Kong

    The true Original Edition

    Released in 1981, Donkey Kong was Nintendo’s first big arcade hit, featuring the debuts of the titular ape, Mario and future mayor of New Donk City, Pauline. Despite its popularity, Nintendo has favoured re-releasing the cutdown (with one stage missing) NES port of this classic platformer over the...

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    Review Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion


    Since we first clapped eyes on the sucker-headed Octolings in 720p on the Wii U, Splatoon fans everywhere wanted to take control of these teenage tentaculars on the splattlefield. Octo Expansion promises just that and much more, but can such wondrous ideas truly be realised in a $20 DLC pack for Splatoon 2 on the Switch? Let’s...

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    Review Sushi Striker: The Way Of Sushido

    Tantalisingly tasty

    Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is a bit of an odd one, both as a game and in terms of its plot. Taking on the role of lead character Musashi, you’ll be diving headfirst into a world where sushi has caused terrifying wars and devastation, dividing the morals and behaviours of its inhabitants. To progress through this setting,...

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    Review Pokémon Quest

    Gotta (pay to) catch 'em all

    Pokémon Quest is a traditional mobile collect 'em up that's launched early on Nintendo Switch ahead of its mobile release in about a month's time. It doesn't quite offer enough to fill the Pokémon-shaped void on your Switch, but it's more than good enough to plug the gap between now and November, when Pokémon: Let's...


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    Review Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers

    They see me rollin’

    It’s been quite a while since we last saw Nintendo’s cool, silent, tough-guy armadillo bounding around the Wild West, but the titular mammal has now made his return to the 3DS in Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers, bringing some fancy new tricks along for the ride. His original game Dillon’s Rolling Western was an interesting...

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    Review Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    Third time's the charm

    When Nintendo first unveiled Hyrule Warriors, people didn’t exactly know what to expect. The company had seldom handed over the keys to one of its cornerstone franchises before, and the proposed concept was odd, to say the least. The final product was an enjoyable (if flawed) experience, and over the years since release,...

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    Review Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit

    Robot rock

    Nintendo is clearly in for the long haul when it comes to Labo. The first pack – dubbed the 'Variety Kit'  – is all about exploring the possibilities of Labo via a range of different 'Toy-Con' builds; it's an effective demonstration of just how versatile this system is, even if the resultant flood of cardboard contraptions...

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    Review Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    Bogus, or bodacious?

    Platformers aren’t quite what they once were; whether they’re 3D or 2D we’ve had a bit of a mini-renaissance with them in recent years, but they hold nowhere near the draw that they did in the '80s and '90s. What a shame then that one of the best and most polished games of the genre happened to not only launch after these...


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    Review Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit

    A toybox like no other

    Editor's Note: We've reviewed the Toy-Con 01 - Variety Kit and Toy-Con 02 - Robot Kit separately. You can read our official verdict on the Robot Kit in the coming days. As unusual and ‘out there’ as its concept appears, Nintendo Labo is perhaps the most Nintendo thing Nintendo has ever created. From the safe and rewarding...

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    Review Arcade Archives Punch-Out!!

    Rumble, old man, rumble!

    Fisticuffs were always a perfect subject for video games. However how to properly deliver the experience was a technical challenge due to limited technology the 80’s, with previous efforts opting for a side or top view of the in-ring action. Nintendo tackled this issue in Punch-Out!! by allowing players to control their...


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    Review Detective Pikachu

    A bolt of brilliance

    We’re now just over a year into the Switch’s life and, despite knowing that the core Pokémon franchise will make the leap from 3DS to the new hybrid console at some point in the future, we know absolutely nothing about how the series might evolve with the huge system differences. Keeping the Poké-dream alive on the...

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    Review Kirby Star Allies

    Allies assemble!

    The core Kirby series has seen something of a revival in recent years, after a long period of interesting yet different spin-off titles taking the main spotlight. Starting off with Kirby’s Return To Dreamland, this new era of mainline Kirby games has taken on a character of its own; almost standing apart as a distinct sub series...


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    Review Bayonetta 2

    The shadow remains cast!

    While Wii U has ultimately become little more than a benchmark for Nintendo Switch sales to surpass, the experimental pit stop between Wii and Nintendo’s hybrid handheld still had a handful of must-have games. Bayonetta 2 sits proudly at the top of that list, and now the bold and brazen action-adventure breaks the...