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    Wii U

    Review Splatoon

    Prepare to dye

    Nintendo is generally relatively circumspect and cautious when introducing new IPs, but considering the pedigree the company has to uphold it's understandable that it doesn't wish to dilute its iconic brand with a torrent of forgettable franchises. Splatoon is unusual in that sense, then, and it's a game that brings a huge amount of...

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    Wii U eShop / DS

    Review New Super Mario Bros.


    When New Super Mario Bros. released for the Nintendo DS back in 2006, it had been roughly 15 years since the portly plumber starred in a proper 2D platformer. Not only that, but side-scrollers in general had been largely ignored since 1996, when the Nintendo 64 hit the market and assured us that 3D gaming was the way of the future...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Fullblox

    Pulling the blocks into place

    It's arguably one of the key gaming experiences to indulge in some light puzzling on a handheld system. Whether it's Tetris or Picross, nothing makes a morning commute or quiet evening more relaxing than letting grey matter and opposable thumbs work together to solve a problem. Pullblox / Pushmo is one Nintendo 3DS...

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    Wii U eShop / N64

    Review Paper Mario

    Historical document

    Can we take a moment to appreciate just how gloriously wacky it is that a game like Paper Mario exists in the first place? This is an idea that followed in the footsteps of Super Mario RPG, the Square/Nintendo collaboration which in itself marked a big departure in genre for the Mario universe. Nintendo would continue down this...

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    Review Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition

    Enter the dragon

    At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition is no more than a colour-matching puzzle game with fancy visuals, and whilst there is certainly a level of truth to that, the grander picture is something quite different. To start off with Puzzle &...


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    3DS eShop

    Review Pokémon Rumble World

    Diamonds and Pearls

    One of many spin-offs to come out of Nintendo's Pokémon phenomenon, the Rumble series takes toy versions of Game Freak's famous monsters and throws them into simple, action-packed beat-'em-ups. The 3DS has already played host to Pokémon Rumble Blast, but following in the free-to-play footsteps of the recently released Pokémon...

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    Wii U eShop / DS

    Review Yoshi's Island DS

    Swap-a-bye baby

    The challenge of having to follow up such a hot act as Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is staying true to the original while simultaneously feeling fresh and exciting. The original Yoshi's Island was a pioneer in its design; that design can be straight-up copied again, sure, but the sense of surprise that the first possessed...

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    Wii U eShop / DS

    Review Yoshi Touch & Go

    Fleeting fun

    Between the DS, 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo has delivered many touch screen gaming experiences throughout the years. While some are genuinely creative and/or mechanically deep, others have ended up feeling like little more than an experiment or a tech demo rather than a full-fledged game; Yoshi Touch & Go falls into that latter...

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    Wii U eShop / N64

    Review Donkey Kong 64

    He's finally back, but does he still kick some tail?

    At the mere mention of Nintendo's first 64-bit console, many of us find it difficult not to get swept up by a wave of nostalgia. We drift through countless memories of flickering TV screens and eye-popping graphics, washing up on the shores of 3D gaming's first bold steps onto a Nintendo platform...

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    Wii U eShop / DS

    Review WarioWare Touched!

    A Touch of Magic

    Nintendo's initial Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS Wii U Virtual Console titles certainly are an eclectic mix - with WarioWare Touched! perhaps being the most unexpected inclusion of the bunch. Having been initially released on the Nintendo DS in February 2005, WarioWare Touched! is one of the DS's earliest titles, coming from an era of...

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    Wii U eShop / N64

    Review Super Mario 64

    Platforming perfection

    There are two types of gamer – those who have played Super Mario 64 and those who should. Regularly placing towards the high end of 'best game ever' lists, Super Mario 64 has become a standard name-drop in many a classic gaming debate. Since launching in 1996, there have been a number of successors and contenders for the...

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    Wii U eShop / DS

    Review Mario Kart DS

    Flawed perfection

    The 2005 hit, Mario Kart DS, marked a new era for Nintendo and its long-running racing series. This particular iteration was released during a transitional phase for the company, with Nintendo beginning to rethink the conventions of gaming. Mario Kart on the DS mirrored this fresh approach, incorporating a portable online...

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    Review Fossil Fighters: Frontier

    Adventure's right around the bend

    On paper, Fossil Fighters might appear to be little more than a Pokémon clone. It's a series about reviving dinosaurs — called vivosaurs — from fossilized remains and pitting them in turn-based battles against other dinosaurs. But even though the formula is undoubtedly similar, Fossil Fighters makes a solid...

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    3DS eShop

    Review BOXBOY!

    Boxed in

    BOXBOY! is Game Boy-era design and aesthetics reincarnated for Nintendo's latest handheld, picking up a few new ideas since the monochromatic minster's heyday. With plenty of polish and thoughtful puzzles to conquer, we were surprised to find ourselves so bored with it all. Just like the retro classics, BOXBOY! makes a simple request of...


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    New Nintendo 3DS

    Review Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

    Massive adventure, smaller screens

    Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii had a slightly messy localisation and release schedule in the West, with North American gamers even victims of a retailer-exclusive distribution. Its arrival late in the Wii lifecycle didn't help its cause, and those troubles on arrival were far from ideal for an RPG that is...

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    Wii U

    Review Mario Party 10

    Let's get this party started!

    It's commonly accepted that partying too hard can be a bad thing. However, that doesn't appear to be a concern for Mario and friends, who since 1998 have appeared in 10 home console Mario Party games and even a few portable outings, too. While Mario's virtual board game gatherings are now a far less common occurrence...

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    Wii U eShop / GBA

    Review Metroid: Zero Mission

    From zero to hero

    First things first, Metroid: Zero Mission is not a straight remake of the original NES Metroid with GBA quality graphics. It's a complete retelling and retooling of Samus' first 2D space adventure, including remixed areas, new power-ups and over a decade of refinements added to the formula. Nintendo has freshened the experience...

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    Review Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

    Join the steam team

    Nintendo is known for its extensive library of beloved characters, most of which appear in multiple titles on a regular basis; so when an internally developed new intellectual property comes along, there's reason to be excited. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., a third-person shooter/turn-based strategy title by Intelligent Systems - best...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars

    Tipping the balance

    The differences between the 3DS and Wii U versions of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars are few and far between, but the 3DS version does feature some differences of note. You can read our thoughts on the Wii U version of the game here. The 3DS version takes full advantage of the SpotPass and StreetPass functionality of the...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars

    We tip our hats to you

    Despite Mario and Donkey Kong largely getting along with one another these days, there's still the ancestral drive to kidnap women in red dresses burning in DK's DNA, and so we get the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. The latest entry, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars has ditched the different 3D perspective of the previous...

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    Wii U eShop / GBA

    Review Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

    Worth fighting for

    While Fire Emblem is a franchise with a long history in Japan, its track record in the West is far more condensed; in fact Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones on Game Boy Advance was only the second series entry to arrive in the West. The first Western arrival is also available on the Wii U eShop, meaning that there's a useful...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Pokémon Shuffle

    Hoenn Hustle

    Pokémon have been puzzling ever since the Johto days, when Pokémon Puzzle Challenge married the block-flipping gameplay of Panel de Pon with Game Freak's charming, collectable characters. It's a formula that's stuck, with Denpa Men developer Genius Sonority heading up the most recent series of Poké-puzzle combinations, including...


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    3DS eShop

    Review Flipnote Studio 3D

    Striking a nearly perfect note

    From its launch in late 2008 until its eventual discontinuation five years later, Flipnote Studio was a smash hit among both the casual and professional creative types. As an application that assisted in creating flip-book style animations on the DSi, the concept was simple, but the amount of creativity that users put...

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    Wii U

    Review Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

    Clay achin'

    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is a sequel of sorts to 2005's Canvas Curse, which is considered to be among the top titles the pink puff has ever starred in. That's pretty high praise and a tough act to follow — but 10 years on, Nintendo and developer HAL Laboratory are giving it another whirl. The result is a video game equivalent to a...

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    Review The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    You’ve had a terrible wait, haven’t you?

    The wait for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D has felt a lot longer than it has, in reality, been. Although it was only officially announced for the first time during last November's Nintendo Direct presentation, it needed little time to build up a considerable buzz ahead of its release. Of course,...