• Review Dungreed - A Great Roguelite For Those New To The Genre

    More like roguelove!

    Live, die, repeat. Such is the way in roguelikes, which are experiencing somewhat of a resurgence in popularity lately, with the likes of Spelunky 2 and Hades dominating whatever remains of watercooler talk now that no one goes to the office any more. You live, making your way through dungeons, finding new weapons, beating a...





  • Review Blade Strangers (Switch)

    Beginner's Fight Club

    When it comes to the world of virtual fisticuffs, few genres offers as much nuance and space for creativity and flair as the 2D fighter. It was here that fighting games were born after all, and as the years have passed this two-dimensional melting pot has refused to cease bubbling. Instead, it’s evolved into something far...


  • Review Code Of Princess EX (Switch)

    This is an EX parrot

    Proudly continuing the Japanese tradition of awkward-sounding fantasy game titles, Code of Princess arrives on Switch in ‘EX’ form courtesy of new publisher, Nicalis. The 3DS original launched back in 2012 and positioned itself as a spiritual successor to the SEGA Saturn cult classic, Guardian Heroes. This souped-up edition...


  • Review Ikaruga (Switch eShop)

    “Even though the ideal is high, I never give in”

    Upon first release on Sega NAOMI-powered arcades back in 2001, Ikaruga polarised audiences. While it most certainly was a vertical scrolling shmup like one would expect from the spiritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun, it played nothing like it. In fact, it played like no shmup before it and even...

  • Review Runner3 (Switch)

    Run, run, as fast as you can

    Unless you’ve had experience of the BIT.TRIP games previously, you’d be forgiven for thinking Runner3 is a platform game; Commander Video and his pink lady friend counterpart both jump, kick and slide their way through obstacle-laden courses. So on the surface it looks that way and through a certain pick up in...


  • Review The End Is Nigh (Switch)

    It's the end of the world as we know it

    Balancing the difficulty in a platform game is a fine art. Even though the genre has pretty-much existed since the inception of modern video games, developers are still often guilty of not providing enough of a challenge or making levels almost impossible to complete. Even in recent times, only a select few...


  • Review VVVVVV (Switch eShop)

    A VVVVVVery good time

    When we first reviewed VVVVVV for the 3DS way back in 2010, we praised it for its ZX Spectrum / Commodore 64-style graphics, along with its simple and intuitive gravity-shifting mechanics. Not much has changed about VVVVVV in the intervening years, but truly, we don't mind.  If you haven't tried VVVVVV before it's a...

  • Review Ittle Dew 2+ (Switch)

    It'll do, indeed

    The Switch is rapidly amassing a library of wonderful titles, both from major, big-name developers and publishers, as well as creative indies. Ittle Dew 2+ is definitely the latter, and we mean that in the best possible way.  To answer the inevitable question around what this young series is all about, the most direct...


  • Review Knight Terrors (Switch eShop)

    Cheap thrills

    A few weeks ago, Nicalis quietly announced Knight Terrors, a game unlike most of their others, in that it isn't getting the physical release treatment and is instead exclusive to the eShop. It's also unlike other recent releases in that it's incredibly budget-friendly at a mere three dollars. So, is Nicalis's latest release worth a...

  • Review Tiny Barbarian DX (Switch)

    Huge fun

    For kids that grew up in the 8- and 16-bit eras, names such as Rastan, Golden Axe and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts are bound to pull one one's heartstrings. Taking up a warrior's sword (or lance - we see you, Arthur) and doing battle against all manner of fantastic creatures was a delight. Sadly, all of those series are now little more...


  • Review Cave Story+ (Switch)

    A catchy Quote?

    Nintendo consoles have, as of late, become a safe haven of sort for indies looking to publish their wares on home consoles. It makes sense, then, that the Switch would receive its own port of one of the most popular indie titles of all time, Cave Story+.  Originally released in 2004 on PC, Cave Story gained popularity and...



  • Review The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (New 3DS)

    Born again

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is humorously disturbing, potentially offensive and unapologetically gross. This is a game about a boy named Isaac who's scrambling through the depths of his basement to avoid his pursuing mother. But instead of delivering a spanking or a timeout like most mothers do, Isaac's mom is intent to sacrifice her...


  • Review The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Wii U eShop)

    Gross. Gripping. Great.

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has been a long time coming on Wii U, but it was worth the wait. With excellent enemy and boss variety along with a seemingly endless supply of pickups and items to help Isaac escape his mom's horrifying basement, the game constantly surprises players with something new. The only thing you'll see...


  • Review 1001 Spikes (Wii U eShop)

    All your spike are belong to us

    Between the broken English text, 8-bit sprites and brutal, unforgiving difficulty, it's easy to think of the Nicalis-published 1001 Spikes as a long-forgotten NES gem. While certainly not for everyone, it's a rich, rewarding (and punishing) addition to the Wii U eShop library. This modern-retro platformer is certainly...

  • Review 1001 Spikes (3DS eShop)

    Exquisite torture

    We'll get this out of the way right now: 1001 Spikes is hard. So hard, in fact, that it's deliberately unfair. Those of you turned off by that knowledge can save yourself a great deal of frustration by walking on by. Anyone up to the challenge, however, is in for one of the most satisfying platforming experiences in recent years...


  • Review Grinsia (3DS eShop)

    The trouble with nostalgia

    In 2008, Matrix Software and Red Entertainment teamed up to develop a turn-based Role-playing game for the Nintendo DS appropriately titled Nostalgia. Incorporating classic JRPG gameplay and mechanics with modern visuals, this game was designed to tug at the heart strings of ageing gamers while still managing to provide an...


  • Review Ikachan (3DS eShop)

    Squids today...

    While most people know Pixel's work from the excellent Cave Story, that's not the only game he's ever made, and exploring his lesser known titles can be a lot of fun in itself. Ikachan is one such title, released as freeware for the PC in 2000. That's four years before Cave Story, and you'll definitely see some overlap in terms of...


  • Review NightSky (3DS eShop)

    A perfect circle

    Three years ago, Nicalis announced a game called NightSky for release on WiiWare. Needless to say that never happened, but the project was far from dead. Last year our excitement was renewed by the news that NightSky would instead be released for the 3DS eShop, and now, at long last, it's finally here. The question everyone should...

  • Review Cave Story (3DS eShop)


    Stop us if you've heard this one. A guy by the nom de plume of Pixel made a really great game all by himself and released it on PC for free in 2004. It's called... Oh, so you have heard it. We thought so. In 2012, Cave Story needs no introduction. It's not an unknown quantity. In fact, not counting this eShop release, publisher Nicalis...