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Since 1999, the creation of the little cat, Neko Entertainment has been developing video games exclusively for consoles and PC.

Neko's productions are base around an evolutionary development platform for consoles called the Neko Game Development Kit (NGDK). This in-house technology allows our team to develop simultaneously games across multiple platforms.

Neko Entertainment is officially license to develop on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, consoles. Neko's main activity is to develop licensed titles for leading worldwide publishers.

Over the years and after many released titles, Neko has become accustomed to follow the strict requirements and guidelines of its licensors, while aiming to create exciting game content.

2003, Neko Entertainment creates and develops the concept of the “Cocoto Collection”, a coherent series of cute games designed for the PlayStation 2, PC, Nintendo Game Cube/Game Boy Advance/DS and Wii (also available on WiiWare, Iphone/iPad, Mobile devices and MAC). Thanks to this attractive IP and others, Neko Entertainment has built strong partnerships with several distributors and publishers.

Neko Entertainment invests continuously to exploit the full potential of the new generation of consoles by creating innovative game plays and technologies. And, keep his high passion for proposing quality and fresh titles like Maestro, Dodogo, Faceez and Puddle.