• News Switch Timed Exclusive Baldo Is Giving Us Serious Studio Ghibli Feels

    Like anime you can play!

    We're massive fans of the work of Japan's legendary Studio Ghibli here at Nintendo Life, so we were pleasantly surprised when we saw footage of Naps Team's Baldo during today's Indie World showcase. The action-adventure RPG looks like an anime movie you can play (where have we seen that before?) and promises to be full of...




  • News The Switch is Getting its First Game Boy Advance Port Soon

    Hopefully a sign of things to come?

    As of yet, Nintendo has yet to announce any plans for the Virtual Console on the Switch, making the chances of it ever appearing narrower by the day. Given that the Classic microconsoles are still in production and there’s a Netflix-like NES game collection that’ll come out with the online service next year,...