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    Review Candle: The Power Of The Flame

    Burning from both ends

    Unless you’ve been living in complete darkness, nestled under a rock that’s void of access to your trusty Switch console (and a Wi-Fi connection), you will have noticed the eShop is gathering quite the collection of eerie and melancholic platforming titles as of late. The likes of Limbo, Inside and Little Nightmares all do...


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    Review Cast Of The Seven Godsends


    Raven Travel Studios clearly has a lot of love for classic 16-bit platform games, but can its old school platform homage to Super Ghouls’n’Ghosts possibly live up to the source material or even stand up to the best among the current Switch library? Gods be with us. The Kingdom of Dareca is about to fall to Emperor Zaraaima. Prince...


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    Review The Long Reach

    Something strange in the neighbourhood

    Most horror games on Nintendo Switch (and gaming in general) tend to be of the schlocky supernatural jump-scare variety. There's nothing wrong with that, as Resident Evil Revelations Collection and Outlast: Bundle Of Terror will attest to, but there's ample space for a more subtle, psychological brand of...


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    Review The Count Lucanor

    Not for the faint-hearted

    You know those nightmares where everything feels innocently real apart from that odd, horrendously creepy, strangely out of place, potentially rabid, demon-like goat in the corner of the room? Well, developer Baroque Decay has kindly wrapped up these fears into a small, puzzle-adventure video game package for us all to...

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    Review Unbox: Newbie's Adventure

    Does it deliver the goods?

    Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure is ‘packed’ full of features reminiscent of classic '90s 3D platformers such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Developed by Manchester-based indie studio Prospect Games, the game has been described as a “love letter” to those legendary titles and, thanks to more modern technology, is...