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    3DS eShop

    Review Excave II : Wizard of the Underworld

    Dungeon crawling on a higher budget

    Not long ago, the budget-priced dungeon-crawler Excave hit the 3DS eShop, and our review found the experience a technically sound and overall enjoyable experience, despite some minor flaws. This sequel follows a bit more than a month later, and promises more polished hack and slash gameplay, though at an increased...


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    Review GO Series: Fishing Resort

    Luring you in…

    Fans of both Nintendo and fishing have been given plenty of opportunities to don the virtual wellies and cast the line, on WiiWare. While the Wii Remote is an ideal opportunity to simulate fishing, the humble DSi stylus and touchscreen have largely missed out. As has often been the case, publisher Gamebridge has come to the rescue...