• News Fight Crab Scuttles To Switch This September

    Giant Enemy Crab!

    Here at Nintendo Life we've been anticipating the release of zany physics-based battler Fight Crab for a while now - over two years, in fact. Today publisher and developer Mastiff and partner Calappa Games have announced that the 3D crustacean-based scrapper will be arriving on Switch eShop on 15th September in North America,...






  • News Major League Eating Coming to Japan Next Week

    Looks like Nintendo Japan has been feeling a little awkward by showering download titles upon the Japanese population whilst Europe and North America have to make due with what's slowly rationed out to them. At last the jealousy can ease a little!

    Next week only two releases, both of them WiiWare: Major League Eating -- 500pts (half the price of...


  • News Prepare To Eat Until You Belch On Monday

    Soon our North American friends will be able to stuff their faces on a virtual feast as Major League Eating: The Game is up on WiiWare this coming Monday.

    At first we were a bit dismissive of this game, but it actually seems to be shaping up to look like it could be a half decent game. Heck it’s even got online play and leaderboards. It certainly...