• Mini Review Picross S5 - You Know The Drill By Now, Surely?

    It's Picross, but now there's a '5' on the tin

    There are plenty of excellent puzzle games on the Switch, but arguably the most ubiquitous franchise out there is Nintendo’s own Picross series, which has featured fairly frequently ever since the platform’s launch year. With the launch of Picross S5, we’re now looking at the sixth (!) entry in...


  • Review Picross S4 - More Of The Same, But That's Fine

    The strongest entry yet

    The Picross series has become a rather expected staple of Nintendo’s digital release schedule by now. Every few months, you can reasonably expect another mainline entry or spin-off to show up, and you more or less know exactly what that next new entry will be offering: a substantial new set of nonagram puzzles for you to...