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    Review Escape From Flare Industries

    Not up to inspection

    There are some best practices that can be followed when manufacturing a puzzle platformer for the masses. A cute character, easy-to-understand controls and a simple objective are often positives, and Escape from Flare Industries does deliver these in its packaging. Unfortunately, the end product suffers from some defects that...


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    Review Neon Battle


    Every Indie developer has to start somewhere. However, it seems that in this day and age where just about anybody with a laptop can make a game, many fail to remember an absolutely critical fact: you've got to walk before you can run. Nowhere is this more evident than in Helix Games' sophomore outing, Neon Battle. While this simple arcade game...


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    Review Don't Touch Anything Red

    Really though, don't touch 'em

    Games are not often as straightforward in their titles as Don't Touch Anything Red. This simple infinite-runner style puzzle game is a test of cunning, reflexes, and one's ability to avoid touching red things. Though the premise and presentation are simple, and there's not a lot here, this self-explanatory title is...