• Review Miles & Kilo (Switch eShop)

    Two very good boys

    Hot on the heels of the charming retro platform antics of Kid Tripp, developer Four Horses new game hopes that lightning strikes twice among 8-bit-loving Switch aficionados. But can Miles & Kilo really stand on their six legs? Flying a plane trough rough weather is always a perilous proposition, but doing so over a haunted...


  • Review Kid Tripp (Switch eShop)

    The Kid Is Alright

    The 2D platformer has been a video game staple for decades, and remains popular to this very day. In fact it's been experiencing something of a renaissance lately, as mobile gaming boils the premise down to its most addictive, fast-paced essence for quickfire play sessions. Kid Tripp was one such hit that originally...


  • Review Kid Tripp (3DS eShop)

    Have a nice trip

    Originally available on iOS platforms, Kid Tripp has ran, jumped and smashed its way onto the Nintendo 3DS eShop. We’ve been following the progress of its port for a while now at Nintendo Life and can safely say that the tean behind this auto-runner have done an excellent job - giving us another reason to stop our 3DS consoles...


  • Review Digger Dan DX (3DS eShop)

    Just Dan-dy

    Digger Dan DX is certainly effective at mining the past, pun not intended. Using the tried and tested formula seen in titles like Boulder Dash and Digger T. Rock, players must guide the titular Dan through a series of hazard-strewn mines by working out pathways and avoiding traps. Although it has been done before, the game works well as...