• Review SnowRunner (Switch) - A Slow And Steady Off-Road Trucker

    An ice change of pace

    The arrival of MudRunner on the Switch in 2018 was a pleasantly surprising one. The game had previously been released on other formats a year earlier, and developer Saber Interactive did a surprisingly decent job of porting it over to the Switch, even chucking in its American Wilds expansion as part of the package. Its sequel,...



  • Review Othercide - A Challenging But Ultimately Rewarding SRPG

    Wake me up inside

    You know you’re in for a rough time when a game tells you upfront that you’re going to lose a lot. One of the first things you see in Othercide – the latest release from Lightbulb Crew – is one such message, which plainly says, “your Daughters will die, and you will lose, only to rise stronger again.” Indeed, Othercide...





  • Review Masters Of Anima (Switch eShop)

    The more the merrier

    It’s no secret or surprise that Nintendo fans are longing for the next instalment in the Pikmin series. Hey! Pikmin on 3DS was met with outspoken, lukewarm reactions from fans as Nintendo unexpectedly steered it down the 2D platformer path last year. Masters Of Anima, however, might be the game to scratch the micro-minion,...



  • Review Farming Simulator 14 (3DS)

    More farm than good

    Last summer Farming Simulator 3D trucked its way onto the 3DS, allowing gamers to establish and manage a flourishing agricultural empire on-the-go, without having to get their hands dirty or don a straw hat and suspenders. It was a game that we found to be enjoyable at times, but the omission of any tutorials or guides lent to a...


  • Review Farming Simulator 3D (3DS eShop)

    A field of dreams or a load of crop?

    Say it with us…Farm-ing Sim-u-la-tor. How does that make you feel? Are you intrigued, or does it sound about as fun as, well, an exhausting day of work on the farm? If you’re questioning whether you’d personally find enjoyment in a game like this, then you should probably keep on truckin’. However, if the...


  • Review TrackMania (Wii)


    Mention the name TrackMania to any console gamer and barely anyone will know what you're talking about. Mention it to hardcore PC gamers, however, and there's a good chance they'll regale you with stories of what is perhaps the best racing series out there. For those unfamiliar with the series, it's not really a pure "racing"...