• Review Stern Pinball Arcade (Switch eShop)

    A classic experience

    Stern Pinball Arcade for the Switch eShop prides itself on authenticity. The company Stern - as featured in the title's name - was founded in 1977, plying its trade as a pinball and arcade video game manufacturer.  As the most experienced and largest producer of real pinball machines to this day, the publisher and developer...


  • Review Pinball Arcade (Wii U eShop)


    When it comes to pinball games for the Wii U, there's really not a whole lot of options available. Zen Pinball 2 is obviously the first name that comes to mind, and while it certainly delivers a diverse and in-depth library of tables to choose from (along with the standalone Star Wars Pinball), one occasionally must wonder what it...


  • Review Brunswick Pro Bowling (Wii U)

    You still have that membership for Wii Sports Club, right?

    What's the meaning of life? We all have wondered about it at least once in our lives. Whether it's on the commute, while taking a shower or when rolling a bowling ball down the lane. When you think about it, Bowling is pretty similar to life, a continuous cycle that depends on numerous...


  • Review Young Justice: Legacy (3DS eShop)

    Downright offensive

    Welcome to Young Justice: Legacy, where the mechanics don't work and "play" doesn't matter. The game purports to be a strategic turn-based experience but accomplishes nothing more than being a horrendous nightmare. It is astonishingly incompetent in every field. Its gameplay, engine, animations, and entertainment value are among...


  • Review Brunswick Pro Bowling (3DS)


    What's not to like about bowling? The feel of manoeuvring the ball in your hands as you launch it down the lane, the crack of the pins, the fun of going out with your buddies or your team, trying on a pair of communal shoes – ok, not that last one. It was only a matter of time before Crave's Brunswick Pro Bowling series made it to the 3DS,...

  • Review Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection (3DS)

    Top of the high score table or tilt?

    When was the last time you played a really great pinball table? Not a digital approximation but an actual whiz-bangin', light-flashin', chaos table? Sadly, the agonising death of the arcade has put a damper on the availability of pinball tables, and unless you're one of the lucky few who live nearby a...


  • Review Pinball Hall of Fame - The Gottlieb Collection (Wii)

    Wii's first Pinball title, does it actually contain anything unique or is it just another port?

    Being a pinball-head meant a key Wii launch game for me was Gottlieb Pinball Classics. The game received only moderate coverage in both print and online media, it was simply eclipsed by the likes of Zelda and Red Steel. However, as I will go on to discuss...