• Review Smurfs Kart - Not As Smurf As Smurf, But Surprisingly Smurf

    Not half as Smurf as we'd Smurfed

    When it comes to karting games, you can either try something new in an attempt (and likely failure) to reinvent the genre, or you can play it safe and just take notes from Mario Kart. Smurfs Kart has absolutely no qualms about going with the latter option, with barely a shred of originality to be found in its game...



  • Review Gear.Club Unlimited (Switch)

    Aiming for top gear

    When it comes to video game expectations, context really is king. As the first thing resembling a ‘proper’ racing game on Switch, Gear.Club Unlimited has a certain amount of goodwill stored up for it. Conversely, Gear.Club’s mobile past means that racing fans will be watching with an unusually critical eye. It initially...