• News Trigger Witch Opens Fire On Switch Very Soon

    That's magic

    Earlier this year we highlighted Trigger Witch, a top-down shooter set to blend witches, fantasy, magic and blasting away everything in sight. If you have an Xbox of any description, meanwhile, there's also a chance that you tried out a demo for the game as part of the Summer Game Fest event. In any case, it's now only a little over a...




  • News Wacky Shmup Parody Project Starship X Launches On Switch Today

    "CRASH-KILL comical abominations in flashy 16-bit style!"

    While the shmup genre can take itself very seriously at times, it's also capable of self-deprecation, as is evidenced by the likes of Parodius, Star Parodier and Game Tengoku. We're getting another shooter parody to add to that mix today, as Project Starship X hits Nintendo Switch, PS4 and...