• News EA's CEO Seems Pretty Chill About Losing The FIFA Licence

    "What we get from FIFA... is the four letters on the front of the box"

    Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has reportedly told staff that he feels the publisher might actually be better off losing the FIFA licence. EA and FIFA have been partners for 30 years, but that relationship is in jeopardy as the pair cannot seem to agree on renewing the...



  • News EA Sports Is Bringing Back College Football Games After 8 Year Hiatus

    That's long enough to complete college at least twice

    College football is a big deal in America, and while star players don't get paid - they receive free tuition, housing, training, and equipment - they bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for the college they play for. Each. Sure, it's not as big as the big leagues, like the NFL,...













  • Video Here's How FIFA 18 On Switch Compares To The PlayStation 4 Version

    The little details

    FIFA 18 is finally with us, and if you've already consulted our exhaustive review then you'll know that, despite missing some key features, it's the best football (soccer if you're in North America) game we've seen on a Nintendo system in years. While it was always clear that the Switch version wouldn't be a match for its...

  • Video Here's What FIFA 18 Looks Like On Nintendo Switch

    Jumpers for goalposts

    FIFA 18 launches today, but EA has been curiously reluctant to show off very much of the Switch version; aside from off-screen footage recorded at events like this year's Gamescom, we've been unable to pick apart the Nintendo version's visuals to see just how favourably they compares to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions...

  • News You'll Be Able To Unlock An Exclusive Nintendo Switch Kit In FIFA 18

    Which is nice

    FIFA 18 launches this week, and while the Switch version lacks some of the key features of its console counterparts, it does have at least one exclusive item which your Sony and Microsoft-owning chums won't be getting. A screenshot has emerged which shows an exclusive Switch kit which can be unlocked in the game. The red shirt comes...

  • News We Could See More FIFAs On Switch Beyond FIFA 18

    Producer also explains the limitations of single-console Joy-Con play

    EA's yearly line of sports titles have been a common feature of PlayStation and Xbox release lists for decades, but on Nintendo consoles things are bit more sporadic; while the Wii was well-served with FIFAs some of them were simply re-skins with new kits, while on Wii U EA...