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    Review Need for Speed: Nitro-X

    Fast and (mostly) furious

    Need For Speed: Nitro-X has a lot going for it. It's a racing game on a download service that's saturated with puzzlers, for one thing, but it's also part of one of the most long-running and successful racing franchises around. Is it a stripped down version of a retail game? Well yes, but it's a stripped down version of a...


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    Review Boogie

    Dancing seems to be everywhere right now, so why not in your pocket?

    More musical mayhem hits the DS in the form of the discotastic Boogie, a smaller, simpler sibling of the Wii title released a few months ago. The concept is quite simple, its a dancing game, pretty much in the vain of the infamous Dance Dance Revolution but with a few twists thrown...


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    Review Boogie

    It's time to grab the mic and shake your money-maker, because EA's Boogie is about to hit the dancefloor...

    Music-based games – often assigned the rather auspicious genre title of ‘rhythm action’ – are big business these days. Titles like SingStar, Dancing Stage and Guitar Hero are massive sellers, attracting thousands upon thousands of...


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    Review SSX Blur

    Snowboarding; Literally one of the coolest sports on the planet. Can EA transfer the experience onto the Wii?

    Electronic Arts' SSX series has been around for a while. Starting on the Playstation 2 with plain old "SSX" it has spanned console platforms with varying success. Four sequels and 6 years later, EA release SSX Blur for the Wii. This time...