• Review FIFA 18 (Switch)

    The best Nintendo FIFA ever

    Video game spin is a curious thing. It must be difficult for publishers and developers to turn a negative into a positive, but sometimes the excuses are so odd our eyebrows can’t help ascending skyward. The FIFA series has been a good example of this for a number of years. Nintendo fans need only cast their minds back...


  • Review FIFA 12 (3DS)

    A narrow miss

    When the 3DS launched in March, Konami instantly seized the opportunity to provide the first football – or soccer, for our US readers – title on the 3DS, with Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D. While that title was prompt but light on content, FIFA 12 has emerged for the second half of the year to attempt a comeback; can it turn the...


  • Review SSX Tricky (GameCube)

    Perfect powder

    As you curl around a banked corner, the lip of a large ramp of snow appears in the distance and your mind begins to race at the possibilities for gnarliness that lie ahead. Slamming the boost and tucking your body forward, you scorch towards the precisely constructed mound, pre-winding your hands, arms and shoulders for maximum...


  • Review NBA Jam (Wii)

    Come on and slam, and welcome to the Jam

    You’d be forgiven for looking at this fall’s Wii release calendar and thinking you had stumbled out of a time machine set for 1997. Between all of the new 2D revivals starring some of gaming’s all-time classics and a new, old Bond movie adaptation, there's almost no time to see whether the Fresh Prince...

  • Review FIFA 11 (Wii)

    Finishes mid-table

    Gamers that like playing video game adaptations of football (or soccer) will likely fall under one of two categories: the ones that prefer Pro Evolution and the ones that think FIFA games are better. The former has always strived to be as realistic as possible whilst the latter offers more arcade-style action as opposed to ultra...


  • Review 2010 FIFA World Cup (Wii)

    A semi-final runner-up

    FIFA used to be the console equivalent of a 0-0 draw, but the past few years have seen it emerge again as the dominant football game on the market. Last year's FIFA 10 was an enjoyable arcade-style take on the sport, and 2010 FIFA World Cup is a very similar game but featuring all the teams, arenas and pageantry of the...


  • Review Need For Speed: NITRO (Wii)

    You've got boost power!

    With lagging interest (read: sales) in their Need For Speed series, EA decided to try something new: instead of half-sim, half-arcade street racing games that lost direction with each new entry, the franchise would be split in two and refocused. Back in September, the Xbox 360/PS3's sim-oriented Need For Speed: Shift was met...


  • Review Grand Slam Tennis (Wii)

    It's got the courts, it's got the players and it's got MotionPlus support. Does Grand Slam Tennis provide the definitive Wii tennis experience?

    It's here, people. After months of feverish anticipation, Wii MotionPlus is upon us. Finally, Wii owners the world over will have access to the kind of precise, fluid and nuanced motion controls that...


  • Review FaceBreaker K.O. Party (Wii)

    Ever wanted to break someone's face? Well now you can!

    Legendary names like Hatton and Calzaghe might give you the impression that boxing is a serious sport, however these are not the views of EA Freestyle. So here we are, introducing their new box-em-up descriptively named, FaceBreaker, Knock Out Party for Wii. You'll instantly realise that this...

  • Review FIFA 09 All-Play (Wii)

    FIFA returns once again, its time to kick off season 08/09.

    FIFA is the longest running video game footballing franchise. Some ten years ago they lost their place on top of the video football pile by new upstart Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Hard work and innovation have now seen a resurgence in FIFA's critical reception. Testament to this is the...

  • Review NBA Live 09 All-Play (Wii)

    It's that time of year again, basketball fans get ready for NBA Live 09.

    NBA 09 combines EA strong basket balling franchise with their solid controls on the Wii. We see this more clearly than ever with the family friendly controls that, along with FIFA 09 Wii, Madden 09 Wii and Tiger Woods 09 Wii, complete the All Play set for 09. Sports games...

  • Review Celebrity Sports Showdown (Wii)

    EA Freestyle invite some celebrities to come play a Sports Showdown, but who gets embarrassed?

    EA sports freestyle want to throw Wii gamers yet another party, this time in the form of Celebrity Sports Showdown, a 12 sport strong mini-games package with the added promise of celebrity glamour. Aimed clearly at the casual, multi-player market EA have...


  • Review EA Playground (Wii)

    If your memories of the school playground feature scary bullies and kiss chase, then you might want to let EA's latest kiddie-friendly title repair the damage.

    There was a time when publishers were seen as the trendsetters in this industry. When Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto it tapped into the consciousness of the gaming public, triggering a...

  • Review NBA Live 08 (Wii)

    It may just be netball with movement, but basketball is huge with our friends across the pond. Does that result in a decent videogame though?

    Reviewing American sports titles is always a difficult proposition when you’re a Brit. Sporting games rely on the player having an understanding or passion for the subject matter, and that is obviously...

  • Review FIFA 08 (DS)

    EA has already had several kicks at the ball when it comes to creating the ultimate DS soccer game - has the company finally succeeded with this latest effort?

    With the Wii instalment of FIFA 08 leaving us extremely impressed indeed, we had particularly high hopes for the Nintendo DS version here at NintendoLife. Although the franchise has come in...


  • Review FIFA 08 (Wii)

    The much-maligned FIFA franchise finally hits the Wii. Does this latest instalment do enough to step out of the shadow of the excellent Mario Strikers: Charged?

    There was a time when the latest FIFA release would send most self-respecting football fans running for the hills in dismay. Although the series started brightly with a wonderful debut on...


  • Review Madden NFL 07 (Wii)

    Brits take on multi player Madden madness.

    Without much competition in the American Football genre, EA have often been accused of complacency. However, with the upcoming All Pro Football 2K8 from 2k sports, they show clear signs of raising their game. In addition to reservations about the market dominating product, there are the issues that surround...


  • Review FIFA 07 (GCN)

    Competition is good, but it hasn’t been kind to Electronic Art’s squillion-selling football title.

    FIFA soccer’s fall from grace as the number one football title in the 16-bit generation has been well documented. Sure, it has always sold well, usually remaining in the top 5 games well after its release on a yearly basis, but it’s no secret...


  • Review SSX 3 (GCN)

    Board one massive mountain with 3 peaks, pull off insane tricks and race your rivals.

    SSX3 is the 3rd instalment in EA’s series of break neck snowboard super cross games, it’s the best one to date. This is one of the few snowboarding games that are on GCN. The 2 main events in this game are tricks and races, both are highly addictive. In the...