• News Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until Early 2016

    Bugs and online issues to blame

    Mighty No. 9 has had an interesting history. Its Kickstarter campaign was a spectacular success, with the desire for a spiritual successor to Mega Man and the leading role of Keiji Inafune causing a huge buzz. As it stands now, however, it's had a visual redesign that's been criticised by some, and now its release has...





  • News Wii U Version Of Dead Island: Riptide "Not Worth It", Says Deep Silver

    Lack of interest to blame?

    The Dead Island: Riptide saga shows no signs of slowing down. We reported last week that publisher Deep Silver had said the Wii U wouldn't be getting the title because the game engine would need re-writing, a claim which developer Techland subsequently shot down in flames. Now, disgruntled fans are taking to Twitter to...

  • News Dead Island: Riptide Developer Says The Engine "Runs On Wii U Without Any Problems"

    Dev contests publisher Deep Silver's previous stance

    At the weekend we reported that Dead Island: Riptide would be skipping the Wii U because a port would require a complete re-write of the game's code. That was the official stance of publisher Deep Silver, but developer Techland has countered the claim by stating that the engine runs perfectly on...

  • News Dead Island: Riptide Is Skipping Wii U

    Game engine would need to be rewritten, says producer

    Zombie-slaying sequel Dead Island: Riptide is joining Saints Row 4 as another title which isn't coming to the Wii U. Speaking in an interview with Digital Spy, Deep Silver producer Alexander Toplansky revealed that the port wasn't happening because his team would have to rewrite the game's code:


  • News Winter Stars Brings More Winter Sports to Wii

    Deep Silver just chillin'

    The top competitor in the winter sports division on the Wii may well be the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games, but publisher Deep Silver has plans to represent itself in the winter games, so to speak, with its upcoming motion-controlled sports title. Winter Stars is scheduled for a Q4 release this year, and features 11 winter...


  • News Cursed Mountain Developer Closed

    A real horror story

    The studio behind Cursed Mountain has been shut down by parent company Koch Media. The game was Deep Silver Vienna's first piece of Wii software and is one of the few third-party titles that was backed by a healthy television advertisement campaign but, although there are no hard sales figures to go on, it is generally regarded...


  • News Official Cursed Mountain Site Goes Live

    Deep Silver's cooking up some spookies with their survival horror title Cursed Mountain due out later this year. Or so we think, since little has been shown of the game outside of an Internet trailer. To the trailer's credit, it looks kinda spooky. The game's official Web site just launched, and once you get by the annoying scrolling age-lock page,...