• News CoderChild Announces WordsUp! Academy for the 3DS eShop

    It's the code... word...

    The 3DS eShop sure has a variety of educational apps, and WordsUp! Academy by CoderChild will aim to stand out above the crowd soon. It's pitching itself as a game that allows players to both learn and practice six languages - Spanish, German, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. There'll be six game modes to help you...





  • News CoderChild Developing Cubit The Robot For 3DS

    The levels are coming along nicely

    CoderChild has been developing a game called Cubit The Robot but little information about it has emerged short of a few screenshots on social media. However, the Spanish studio has now revealed on its Twitter page Cubit will be heading to 3DS as it helpfully displayed a 3DS hashtag alongside a couple of new...