• Review Moonglow Bay (Switch) – A Fishing Sim That Doesn't Pull You In

    Watered down

    Love or hate fishing minigames, there’s no denying they’re a staple of the cosy set. But Moonglow Bay aims to blow that hook-and-line mechanic into a full game. This fishing sim from Bunnyhug and Coatsink launched in 2021 on Steam and Xbox to mixed reviews. The new Switch port (and starboard) starts out as a tranquil few days out on...




  • Review ClusterPuck 99 (Switch eShop)

    Puck shop

    Since its inception, the Switch eShop has developed a strong library of smaller-sized games ideal for short play sessions in between bigger releases. Many of these titles happen to be multiplayer games. ClusterPuck 99 – developed by PHL Collective and published by Coatsink – is exactly that, a compact arcade conversion of ice hockey...


  • Review Shu (Switch eShop)

    Glide don't run

    Shu doesn't reflect many modern 2D platformer trends. It's far too old school for that. Rather perversely, it's this traditional approach that makes the game feel rather fresh. We're not dealing with an explorative Metroidvania here, nor is Shu a roguelike with randomised levels and permadeath. It's just a plain old fashioned...