• News The Keep Begins Its 3DS eShop Quest on 11th September

    One week later in Europe, pricing confirmed

    Earlier this year we directed your attention to The Keep, an ambitious 3DS eShop first-person dungeon crawler from Cinemax. It'll feature multiple difficulty levels and your general task will be to explore, defeat enemies in real-time battles and solve puzzles, all within a fantasy setting that includes an...


  • News Footage and Details of The Keep on 3DS Are Uncovered

    Cinemax provides a closer look at its ambitious dungeon-crawling title

    Earlier this year we brought you news of The Keep, a title coming to the 3DS eShop from the prolific download developer Cinemax; it certainly seems to be one of the studio's most ambitious projects to date. The company promised more details would come ahead of its summer release...



  • News The Keep Getting Ready to Explore the 3DS eShop This Summer

    First person dungeon exploration on the way

    Cinemax was extraordinarily prolific on DSiWare, producing 14 games for the platform; the Rytmik series was an obvious stand-out. The Czech publisher is now preparing its first title on the 3DS eShop, and it seems to be an ambitious project. This new title, due in the Summer, is called The Keep. It'll be...


  • News Rytmik World Music Bringing the Beat Back to DSiWare

    Get composing

    Cinemax has confirmed that it's bringing Rytmik World Music to DSiWare, the fifth entry in the music composition series. It's a series that's had consistently strong recommendations in our reviews, with each entry bringing an accomplished and detailed music studio to your DSi; they're perhaps best reserved for enthusiasts and those...



  • News Be the Hip Hop King in Cinemax's Third Rytmik Release

    ... to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat

    With two Rytmik titles already under its belt, Czech developer Cinemax is getting ready to launch the third instalment in the franchise, and following Rytmik: Rock Edition, musically-creative gamers can look forward to something with a little more Hip to the Hop. The Rytmik: Hip Hop King user-interface will...



  • News Rytmik Gets Amped in Rytmik: Rock Edition

    New edition of pocket music studio on the way

    We brought you the announcement of Rytmik: Rock Edition last month, and now we have the first screenshots and audio samples to bestow upon you. As well as the appropriate array of instruments including electric, acoustic and bass guitars as well as new drum and keyboard sounds, parts of the game's...


  • News North America Gets Rytmik from August 23rd

    Rytmik: Rock Edition also in the works

    It's been a long wait for North American musicians following the European launch of pocket music studio Rytmik, but we can reveal the game will launch on August 23rd at 800 Nintendo Points. Cinemax also let us know about Rytmik: Rock Edition, due for release later this year. We don't currently have any more...




  • News Unleash Your Inner DJ With Rytmik

    Music creator coming to DSiWare

    If you're like us then there's a non-stop party going on in your head that you want the world to hear. Czech developers Cinemax want to help get that party out with their upcoming DSiWare music creation tool Rytmik. With over 170 loops and samples of varying instruments and plenty of fiddling options, Rytmik sounds...


  • News First Snakenoid Screenshots Released

    Check out the unique puzzler in action.

    The folks over at Cinemax were kind enough to send us the first batch of screenshots for their upcoming DSiWare title Snakenoid. Snakenoid is an unique blend of the Snake and Arkanoid game concepts. Using the stylus the player controls a snake on the lower screen and tries to use it to bounce the ball...

  • News Sokomania Coming to DSiWare

    Cinemax announces their first DSiWare release.

    Czech independent game developer Cinemax have just announced that their upcoming DSiWare release Sokomania will be coming to the European DSiWare service sometime in November 2009. You can check out a snippet of information from the official press release along with screenshots and a gameplay trailer of...