• News Rogue Legacy 2 Gets Surprise Launch On Switch Today

    Leaving a legacy

    Rogue Legacy 2 is finally coming to Switch. And, like any good roguelite, it's randomly generating onto Switch... today! Surprise! And the Switch release comes packaged with the Fabled Heroes update, meaning this release has everything you need to start building your legacy. This genealogical adventure brings more randomised runs,...


  • News Rogue Legacy 2 Is Coming, But Not To Switch (Yet?)

    Genealogy in a bottle

    Rogue Legacy, which came out originally in 2013 and then on Switch in 2019, was a tongue-in-cheek take on the roguelike genre: Whenever your character dies during one of the dungeon-crawl segments, their role as the hero is taken up by one of their children. Each child will have a unique characteristic that maps roughly and...