• News Mario Sports Superstars Heading to Europe on 10th March

    amiibo cards and modes outlined a little further

    Just recently we shared details on the release date for Mario Sports Superstars, which is due on 24th March in North America. In one of those scheduling quirks we see occasionally Nintendo of Europe is releasing it sooner on 10th March, giving Europeans a head start. Beyond that, the press release...



  • Video Did You Know Gaming? Covers Golden Sun

    Still waiting on part 4, Camelot

    As a few of you are likely aware, Nintendo has a small JRPG franchise called Golden Sun that's actually pretty good. It's developed by Camelot, a studio that also works with Mario sports spinoffs. Though there's only three entries in Golden Sun (technically two, due to how the first two were initially one game), the...


  • Preview Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

    Called out

    Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is one of a couple of key Holiday releases on the Wii U, fitting snugly into being familiar, accessible and inviting for families, in particular. As it has Mario in the title and is a 'wacky' sports game there's certainly the prospect that it could win over a few households for some multiplayer fun over the...


  • Mario History Mario Tennis - 2000

    Two match points

    In this series of articles we'll write about one or more Mario game every day for 30 days, each representing a different year as part of our Super Mario 30th Anniversary celebrations. Our original plan for our 2000 entry in this series was to write about Paper Mario, yet just recently we shared an editorial to celebrate its 15th...




  • News Mario Golf: World Tour's Flower Pack DLC Is Delicately Chipped Onto The Green

    Nabbit while you can

    The second helping of DLC for Mario Golf: World Tour is now available in both North America and Europe. The new Flower pack takes up 447 blocks (that's the EU size) and showcases the Layer-Cake Desert and Sparkling Waters 18-hole courses. Furthermore, that loveable rogue Nabbit is now a playable character, and as before fresh...

  • News Mario Golf: World Tour Hits a Bogey in UK Charts

    Tumbles to 37th place in its second week

    It's not always the case that well constructed and fun games achieve deserved success wherever they go, and Mario Golf: World Tour is a case in point. In the UK charts — which only last year frequently had multiple 3DS titles populating the top 40 — it's endured a tough second week, in which it's also the...

  • News Mario Golf: World Tour Swings Into 18th Place in UK Single Format Chart

    Misses top 20 in all format equivalent

    We're big fans of Mario Golf: World Tour here at Nintendo Life. Beautifully constructed, well balanced and full of offline and online content, it delivers a top-notch experience on the 3DS. Unfortunately it's only had a modest start in the UK charts following its release on 2nd May, actually coming in lower on...

  • News Mario Golf: World Tour’s DLC Isn't Locked Away in the Main Game

    Add-on packs are separate downloads

    Mario Golf: World Tour has hit shelves in North America and Europe, and we’re certainly fans of the game as we awarded it 9/10 in our review. One of the title’s features, which has divided opinion among the Nintendo community, is Mario Golf’s DLC. Nintendo offering additional paid-for content isn’t a...



  • Preview Mario Golf: World Tour

    Swinging to the fore

    Mario Golf: World Tour has had an odd history to date. Announced in early 2013 for a "Summer" release, it was quietly pushed back to later in the year before drifting into 2014 with little attention going its way; perhaps distracted by the sheer range of hot releases on 3DS throughout the year and the ongoing issues and talking...

  • News This Is What The Box Art For Mario Golf: World Tour On The 3DS Looks Like

    No bogey

    Although video game box art is slowly becoming a relic of the past thanks to the rise of digital distribution, there’s nothing better than the reveal of a fresh new one for the latest game, on the latest Nintendo system. In recent times we’ve seen the admirable Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U and the delightfully nostalgic cover art for the...