• Review Vagante (Switch) - A Roguelike Too Empty To Make An Impact

    A class below the rest

    Over the past decade, few genres have boomed as much as the roguelike. Indie games like The Binding of Isaac, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Dead Cells and Hades have brought attention to a genre once thought to be far too punishing for a mainstream audience, even if the core run-based gameplay is tweaked slightly into a -lite or a...




  • Review de Blob (Switch)

    Painting the town red… and blue… and yellow

    Originally launching way back when on the Wii, this super-colourful puzzle-platformer is now on the brink of turning a decade old. At the time, de Blob stood out from the crowd thanks to its ever-present charm – despite some frustrating control niggles – and we definitely enjoyed our time with the...


  • Review Super Meat Boy (Switch eShop)

    A meaty adventure

    Stop us if you've heard this one before; Switch just got a port of a last-gen classic and it's selling like hotcakes. Super Meat Boy is the latest success story on Nintendo's latest hardware, despite having released on Wii U late in 2016. SMB is the brainchild of Binding Of


  • Review Hammerwatch (Switch eShop)

    A smarter gauntlet

    There’s something to be said for Nintendo’s continued insistence that local multiplayer is as important as any other method of play. While there are plenty of reasons why online features are always touted, from the ability to play with friends from afar or just because you can keep your plans to yourself instead of on a...


  • Review Super Meat Boy (Wii U eShop)

    Although the meat’s been out for a while, it hasn’t spoiled

    Super Meat Boy has been around the block. Developed by Team Meat and designed by Edmund McMillen (one of the creators of the original Flash game, Meat Boy, and designer for another well-known indie title, The Binding of Isaac) and Tommy Refenes, this is the latest in the countless ports...