• Review GONNER2 - Another Way To Die In An Increasingly Crowded Genre

    I live, I die, I die some more

    It’s been three years since GoNNER dropped on Switch, a game we thought pretty highly of. Bringing us a challenging 2D platformer with rogue-like mechanics, it told the story of Ikk, our altruistic blob-like hero that set out to help a land-bound whale called Sally. Placing us in a series of procedurally generated...


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    Review GoNNER

    Dead. Dead. Oh, dead again.

    Having been released on PC and Mac in October last year GoNNER now sees its console debut on Nintendo Switch, brought to us by publisher Raw Fury Games and developer Art in Heart. Generally loved by players and critics alike in its original guise GoNNER is a roguelike platformer, consisting of ever-changing,...