• Review Crazy Taxi (GameCube)

    All the fun of the fare?

    SEGA has a brilliant track record in arcade driving games. OutRun, Daytona USA, SEGA Rally, Hang On; many older readers probably have fond memories of dropping coins on quick races on games housed within some oversized cabinet complete with steering wheel and pedals... before subsequently emptying their wallet of many more...


  • Review F-Zero GX (GameCube)

    F-Zero is the name of the game, but will it also be the score?

    In 2003 Nintendo’s premier racing series returned in superb style on the GameCube: F-Zero GX came out of the gate lightning fast, brutally hard and, rather oddly, developed by Sega. Made by Sega studio Amusement Vision, it marked the company’s first collaboration with Nintendo after...


  • Review Super Monkey Ball (GameCube)

    Sega's first game on a Nintendo console is a ball!

    Super Monkey Ball comprises 6 mini-games on top of the main game with over 90 stages. What more could be packed into Sega's first game on a Nintendo console? It's one of those rare games that keeps you up late into the night so that you can just get past one more tricky level. The graphics are nice...