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  • News Ex-Retro Studios Devs Laud Metroid Prime's Camera System

    "You never lose sight of Samus"

    In a recent video compilation from YouTuber KIWI TALKZ, a group of ex-Retro Studios developers spoke about the late Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, a LucasArts alumni who was in charge of the camera system for the Metroid Prime games. Mark sadly passed away in 2008 from pancreatic cancer and his former co-workers had a lot to...

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  • Video You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Yes, you really do

    Metroid Prime Trilogy is finally here - no longer will you need to trawl eBay for highly priced retail copies, because now you can play three amazing games, in one package, for a much more affordable price. Until 5th February the price is downright outrageous, a promotional cost of $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99; that's for one of the...

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  • News Check Out This Gorgeous Metroid Prime Visual Feature

    Part of an "empty spaces" mini-series

    The Metroid franchise remains a keen source of interest for Nintendo fans and, to some extent, gamers in general. From its iconic NES début to the stand-out Super NES entry, it's a series that has enough lore and variety in style to keep conversations lively for a long time. Retro Studios has played its own...

Sunday5th Oct 2008

  • News Play On Wii - European Update

    Eurogamer have uncovered some more titles, with Nintendo UK suggesting Metroid Prime 1 & 2 are to get the make over.

    Nintendo UK has told Eurogamer that Wii reworkings of GameCube titles Pikmin 1 and 2, Metroid Prime 1 and 2 and Mario Tennis will all be released in Europe next year. Also on the cards for remake treatment are Chibi Robo and Donkey...

Monday28th Apr 2008

  • News Metroid Prime Trilogy Rumour Shot Down

    Within hours of the rumour of a Wiimake for both Metroid Prime and it's newer sequel were Earthed - Nintendo has gone and squashed everyones wet dreams.

    According to our friends over at their "mole" has unearthed some juicy tid-bits from a retailers computer regarding a game entitled "Metroid Prime Trilogy"...

Thursday17th Jan 2008

  • News Metroid Prime Senior Engineer Loses Fight With Cancer

    Key Retro Studios team member dies at just 43 years of age

    Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, an industry veteran who worked on all three best selling Metroid Prime titles, has succumbed to pancreatic cancer. He was just 43 years old. Haigh-Hutchinson’s career dates back to the ‘80s, when he worked on games like Paperboy prior to joining Lucasarts. He...

Wednesday2nd Jan 2008

  • News Retro Talk About Metroid Prime

    Highly respected American developer spills the beans

    American developer Retro Studios has broken its silence about working with Nintendo on the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime franchise. The Texas-based company worked closely with the Japanese giant to craft what many gamers regard as being one of the finest FPS adventure series in existence. In...